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By Jester on Dec 18, 2005

Open New File In Remotes And Add This Snippet. This Will Tell The Channel You Are In The Record Number Of Users For The Room. Also Shows The Date Record Was Broken. Just Change The #roomname To Your Room's Name.

on @*:JOIN:#roomname:{ 
  if (%record.users == $null) { set %record.users $nick(#,0) }
  else {
    if ($nick(#,0) > %record.users) {
      set %record.users $nick(#,0)
      msg $chan We Have Set The Record For Most Users In This Chat Room - $nick(#,0) - set on $fulldate


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mr_president   -  Jun 04, 2009

It looks similar

Banditrobber   -  Aug 17, 2006

Note: My script will work on different channels and won\'t affect another channel\'s user record. If you find any bugs with the code that i made, please tell me. I have tested it and it seems to work fine.

I\'m not trying to make anybody mad at me or anything by rewriting the script. All I did was rewrite the code to work better, save space, and work on multiple channels. It was all Jester\'s idea, I just made it better.

Banditrobber   -  Aug 17, 2006

I was playing around with the code and got:

on *:JOIN:#:{
if ( $nick($chan,0) > %recordusers $+ $chan ) {
set %recordusers $+ $chan $nick($chan,0)
msg $chan $fulldate - The Most Users That Have Ever Been On This Channel:4 $nick($chan,0) | halt
else { halt }

greenlanter420   -  Jan 31, 2006

on a mass join flood it will cause your bot to be flooded off maybe make it so it has that it shuts down on to many joines in a set amount of time

Im-No-Good   -  Dec 20, 2005

That doesnt work for me ;/ it has %record.users 2 in the alias, an i set #roomname to the proper name, but still doesnt seem to work for me ;/

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