Tijan Script v6.2

Published  Jan 12, 2012
Updated  Jan 12, 2012
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All around script.
Scripted for: Unreal IRCD - DALnet - Quakenet - Undernet
Help included for this networks...
Report any bug: tijan@live.com
Found me on:
irc.krstarica.com #tijan
irc.dal.net #cyberlove
irc.quakenet.org #croatia - #serbia
eu.undernet.org #skype - #america

I cant upload script on Hawkee,because size of script 8,71mb

DOWNLOAD FROM: http://skripte.webs.com



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Tijan_bg   -  Jan 24, 2012

D4ni Thank you :)

D4ni   -  Jan 24, 2012


you probably have no idea about mirc scripting. this is most likely a "full script" made by putting many add-ons together. like thousands of others.
just go rtfm.

Tijan_bg   -  Jan 18, 2012

D4ni how to put the name of the script, what specifically do you think?

D4ni   -  Jan 18, 2012

only thing i can say is...

"mIRC put name of script here"

sKIRc   -  Jan 12, 2012

nice script.. :)

Tijan_bg   -  Jan 12, 2012

leave comments...

nutty  -  Mar 03, 2014

LInk broken

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