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Published  Oct 24, 2010
Updated  Oct 26, 2010
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Chat Guard lets you Block and Accept Specific users from messaging you.
You can add users to a BlackList or WhiteList and can additionally setup your own out going notifications to users, as they prompt you for a chat request. This script is ultimately a good replacement for /ignore and similar scripts or commands.


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Oct 26, 2010


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Xylex   -  Dec 28, 2010

I appologize. Create the folder "CG" Inside your mIRC folder.

AnGeLLuS   -  Nov 02, 2010

i run the script... i open the control panel and put the settings and when i aplly to each and then close... the settings dissapear !!! why ?

Xylex   -  Oct 24, 2010

Ive already Identified a number of Bugs and they will be fixed in the next release.

Edit: Release 1.25 Fixes Numerous Bugs and issues.
IF anything is found that even looks slightly like a bug, please let me know.

--Altered Settings path to be Stored in "$scriptdir $+ CG\"
--Fixed missing Script. Changing Authtentication mode of Blacklist or Whitelist will clear the stored Users.
--Fixed <> Identifiers on Outgoing messages. Not all were resolved properly.
--Fixed Default accept message typo.
--Fixed the "Reset chatgaurd" button from clearing, even if you clicked "no" from the prompt.
--Fixed the Backdoor system.
--Fixed Point in logs where Address was displaying Text and text as null.
--Fixed Point in Debug where Address was displaying Text and text as null.
--Fixed incorrect information being logged, and sent to the debug window.
--Altered About Tab.
--Altered Some logging and debug info context.

October 25th 2010
--Fixed Enabled Debug Window not opening on Client start.
--Fixed ChatGaurd Failing to work on First Launch. Folder wasnt getitng Created Properly.

October 26th 2010:
--Fixed "Connot Resolve Hostmask" Error
--Adjusted how Hostmasks are resolved.

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