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0 comment(s)    Posted Mar 18, 2004 by tye
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Password Storage is a simple addon that allows you to store a list of passwords. Passwords are stored as plain text in a INI file and are displayed as plain text in a dialog. From the dialog you can add, delete or modify passwords. You can attach a note to each password. Nothing is done with the passwords. This addon just remembers your passwords for you. No bugs were encountered while this script was tested. A good and useful addon if you have lots of password to remember.
0 comment(s)    Posted Mar 15, 2004 by tye
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The documentation for this addon contains no instructions on loading the addon. It contains complete instructions on using the addon. The documentation that describes the code is incomplete. The documentation is in HTML format but must be viewed with Internet Explorer. The addon supports playback of audio files and video files on your computer and ti supports playback of audio cds. This addon has no interface. It must be controlled through aliases. This addon lacks features such as seeking and volume control. This is not an advanced media player, it contains the most basic parts of a media player. This addon uses Windows Media Control Interface to playback media. Overall, this si a good addon if you want to make your own advanced media addon.
0 comment(s)    Posted Feb 16, 2004 by tye
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The documentation for this addon completely describes the features of the addon and how to use them. When the addon is first loaded an error appeared while trying to load a hash table. The script does not check to see if the hash table file exists before trying to load it. The addon will still work despite the error. When the addon is first opened the contents of the clipboard are shown. You can chose to save the contents to one of five slots. You can recall the contents of any one of the slots and copy it back to the clipboard. When recalling text from one of the save slots an extra line ending is appenended to the script. This line ending should be removed before storing the text in the clipboard. The dialog of the addon is easy to use. You can quickly save and recall text. Overall, this can be a useful addon for managing your clipboard.
0 comment(s)    Posted Feb 16, 2004 by tye
 2.0 stars
This is a simple autojoin addon. You can configure which channels to autojoin through a dialog. This addon lacks features suck as multiple network support, a global on/off switch for the addon and support for channel keys. When you add a channel to the autojoin list the editbox where the channel was typed in should be cleared. This script's code is simple. It saves all of the channels in a comma delimited list. It joins all of the channels in a single command. This is a simple autojoin addon that could be greatly improved.
0 comment(s)    Posted Jan 23, 2004 by tye
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This addon allows you to connect to an SMTP server and send email. You can specify a from address, to address, CC and BCC. The addon has an address book that you can save and retrieve emails to/from quickly. You can save and load email drafts. The documentation says that SMTP requires no authentication which is not always true. Some ISP's SMTP servers will require authentication from people not using one of the ISP's IP addresses (for example, the default SMTP server in the addon does this). Some SMTP servers will always require users to authenticate. Overall, this is a good addon. It provides a quick way of sending email. The biggest problem with it is that it does not support SMTP authentication.
0 comment(s)    Posted Nov 28, 2003 by tye
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This opens a dialog that lists all ASCII characters and their corresponding numbers. The dialog has two listboxes, one for the number and one for the character. When you select an item in one listbox its corresponding item is selected in the other listbox. Searching for a certain character can take a while. There are many numbers in the list that do not have printable characters. If those were removed searching would be faster.
0 comment(s)    Posted Nov 16, 2003 by tye
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This addon will popup a dialog when someone tries to send you a private message. You have the ability to accept or reject the query. You can also select to always accept or always reject queries from a user. You cannot add addresses to the always accept/reject list manually however. The addon only has the ability to open one dialog at a time. Any other messages that you receive while a dialog is already open are rejected automatically. The dialogs look nice and are aligned well. This is a useful if you want to block spam or if you sit in channels where you do not want people to message you but it might block important messages.
0 comment(s)    Posted Nov 13, 2003 by tye
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This is a very simple mp3 player. It is very limited in its functions. When selecting a directory you must input the path into a $input box. A $sdir box would be much easier to use. The mp3 player supports private and public play. For each of those there is random and continuous play. You can select up to 8 channels to advertise to. This addon lacks customizability. This addon is good if you want something small and simple but it is not very customizable and does not have many features.
0 comment(s)    Posted Oct 21, 2003 by tye

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