Exploding Kitten

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Posted Nov 20, 2010


blackvenomm666  -  Nov 20, 2010
umm wtf haha
cupcake  -  Nov 20, 2010
thats cute, omg till the kitty exploded...ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm loss of words.
cupcake  -  Nov 20, 2010
Please tell me the kitty didn't really explode ...
PuNkTuReD  -  Nov 20, 2010
it really did, a friends of mines, sisters boyfriends, cousins auntie's, third cousin is the guy in the video.
cupcake  -  Nov 20, 2010
Looked at the image again closely, LoL don't think it exploded....so no teasing PunkTuRed. Plus who would hurt baby animals.
napa182  -  Nov 20, 2010
Lucius would you leave them poor kittens alone, or the then big bad WSPA or PETA will get you.

Jethro  -  Nov 20, 2010
Poor kitten...
Rickmasta  -  Nov 20, 2010
Lmao! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Bmhjf0rKe8 Here's the original video guys.
cupcake  -  Nov 20, 2010
now thats a better video Rickmasta, the kitty LIVES!!!! feel alot better now :)
Dark|  -  Nov 25, 2010
if a cat can blow itself up....My god it could blow up your house :O
Gosy  -  Dec 23, 2010
roflmao :))))))
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