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I did this back in 1999 for a video game class in college. It uses C++ and MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) with an OpenGL 3D engine and DirectX sound. I was responsible for the programming while other members in my group were responsible for the sound and graphics. It may still work if you're running Windows:


e - walk forward
d - walk back
mouse - look left/right
shift+walk - run
left mouse - read/action

Sorry about the inverted mouse for anybody who likes it otherwise.

Tags: 3d  demo  game  opengl  screenshot  windows 
Posted Sep 15, 2008


mountaindew  -  Sep 15, 2008
Wow this is pretty cool. Is there any way to get into the cabin? Or do I need a cheat code :o
Hawkee  -  Sep 15, 2008
Nah, you can't go inside. The object is to find a box, it's a really short demo.
jonesy44  -  Sep 16, 2008
Lagged like a bitch for me :(

OS: Vista.
Gfx Card: Nvidia GF.


Looks awesome though Hawkers.
Eugenio  -  Sep 16, 2008
I loved it
who did the voice of: looks like its gonna rain
Hawkee  -  Sep 16, 2008
It was a group project, so one of our group members did the voices.
vaseline28  -  Sep 16, 2008
Graphics look good - I'll download later when I have more time.
Zmodem  -  Sep 23, 2008
LoL! "Looks like a raccoon took my box." I almost died laughing! :-)

Anyways, I found that in a certain corner, I could go a bit 'too far' into the mountain. After that, I backed up and then I was in 'run mode' lol. It started moving fast as all hell after that heh. It's pretty badass, nonetheless.
jonesy44  -  Sep 23, 2008
Anyways to fix the lag issue; i'd love to give this game a proper go :s
Hawkee  -  Sep 23, 2008
Sorry jonesy, don't know how that could be fixed. It's likely due to Vista. This was written for Windows 98 so I'm surprised it runs at all.
jonesy44  -  Sep 23, 2008
Haha; fair enough. I'll try and blast it through wine on ubuntu. not sure how well it will work but it should be brought back up cos that machine is 10000x as good as my laptop xD
Zmodem  -  Sep 23, 2008
Works just fine on mine, XP SP2. Screw Vista, bro, that's your first issue ;-) I never found the box!
jonesy44  -  Sep 23, 2008
lol. i'm shallow! I like the graphics in vista. and tbf. It does run a lot better than XP. had NO problems with vista except the restriction on .hlp files. Apart from that it's been great! not crashed once in the 2weeks i've been running it now. Managed to keep my computer on for a week. and not a prob there either. it started to go gay after that. needed a reboot after MS's crazy installlment of shoot updates.
Hawkee  -  Sep 23, 2008
Zmodem, gotta look up in the trees for the box and knock it down running.
Zmodem  -  Sep 23, 2008
Hawkee: Woohoo, found it! Thanks for the tip ;-) Goddamn, I wasn't even thinking "trees" heh.

jonesy44: Well, I'll agree, the Vista widgets and the Aero shoot is all pretty nice, but I can do it on XP just as easy, so I don't plan on making the switch. However, games and sh|t seem to cork out on me, in Vista.
Blitzjager  -  Sep 23, 2008
jonesy44: I never once got a BSoD on XP. Now that I have Vista I get one every one or two weeks...

Of course if I updated more than every 1 or two months they probably wouldn't happen as much :P
jonesy44  -  Sep 23, 2008
Sorry.. what's a BSoD? xD

I hate that vista sidebar crap! slow and shoot. get rid of it! Aero on the other hand. very impressive. i like it :P
mountaindew  -  Sep 23, 2008
blue screen of death
jonesy44  -  Sep 23, 2008
Ooh! lol thanks MD.. I haven't had it once :s

I've had one error where it shut down randomly.. that was all :s
Paul_1337noob  -  Sep 23, 2008
lols at your vista failures, i had vista since it was released and i havent had a single problem with it. no lies.
and i leave my computer on for months at a time, only time it gets turned off is a power cut or i accidently kick the switch.
am gunna test game in a minute

[21:14] <Paul1337noob> Pc has been runing for... 13days 9hrs 55mins 1sec
Eugenio  -  Sep 23, 2008
Yeah I tried this on vista and loved it, the voice of looks like its gonna rain made me lol
Blitzjager  -  Sep 23, 2008
I gave it a try and didn't mind it but I couldn't stand the inverted mouse. :(
Was better than I thought it would be though.
Paul_1337noob  -  Sep 24, 2008
same blitz
/me cant stand inverted mouse

great work though
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