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Okay, well I got the xpopup to work.. Still lacking the icons which I'm gonna figure out, and I'm lacking the menu/channel/status ones also.

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Posted Sep 11, 2011


AnaBotNowYourGone  -  Sep 11, 2011
why did you make it look worse
xdesoto  -  Sep 11, 2011
It actually looks a lot better than default.
Jethro  -  Sep 11, 2011
That font design in the script screen grab reminds me of newspaper titles.
xdesoto  -  Sep 11, 2011
loL talking about the Epimetheus loL That was quickly done with Paint. I don't have the skills to do anything spectacular :(
blackvenomm666  -  Sep 11, 2011
afp_romania  -  Sep 12, 2011
lol... ==> time was !@#$ =)) lmfao!:D
DEATHJ0KER  -  Sep 21, 2011
xdesoto :) my latest new ---> http://www.hawkee.com/shop/click.php?fid=496

for icons ----> http://www.mircscripts.org/comments.php?cid=4392

You can also help you with an editor assembled by me ... contains the correction of equipment for a perfect operation, used to make the necronomicon menu and dialog dcx... try it ^ ^

-----> http://vxd.altervista.org/update/VxDEDITORDCX.rar
xdesoto  -  Sep 22, 2011
I'll check them out Joker, Thanks man.
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