Modernized Topic Script

Published  Oct 05, 2010
Updated  Oct 05, 2010


A topic script, which will not automatically update itself, when you tell it to in your specified ops-channel, just in case you made a mistake, and would like to fix it without the users seeing your mistake! Give this script a try, rate and give your feedback on what you would like to see. This is my first full script that I have done by myself, so it may not be the best, but surely it does work. This script does require the user to have operator status in the ops channel for it to be used, for security issues.

;@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ ;@@@ Modernized Topic Script @@@ ;@@@ By James Briggs (Jim) @@@ ;@@@ @@@ ;@@@ If you need help join @@@ ;@@@ Server: @@@ ;@@@ Channel: #jim @@@ ;@@@ To set the owner,channel and opschan @@@ ;@@@ Please do /owner yournick @@@ ;@@@ then /opschan #theopschan @@@ ;@@@ main chan do: /setchan #yourchan @@@ ;@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

;start security alias owner { set %owner $1 }

alias opschan { set %opschan $1 }

alias setchan { set %chan $1 } ;end security

;start topic ON :TEXT::%opschan: { if ( $nick isop $chan ) { if ( $1 == !topic ) { set %topic $2- | msg %opschan Preview: Topic: %topic / %owner is %status / %static } elseif ( $1 == !status ) { set %status $2- | msg %opschan Preview: Topic: %topic / %owner is %status / %static } elseif ( $1 == !static ) { set %static $2- | msg %opschan Preview: Topic: %topic / %owner %verb %status / %static } elseif ( $1 == !verb ) { set %verb $2- | msg %opschan Preview: Topic: %topic / %owner %verb %status / %static } elseif ( $1 == !preview ) { msg %opschan Topic: %topic / %owner %verb %status / %static } elseif ( $1 == !update ) { topic %chan Topic: %topic / %owner is %status / %static | msg %opschan Topic: %topic / %owner %verb %status / %static }


} ;end topic


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Oct 05, 2010
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N3M3S1S   -  Oct 07, 2010


Why are YOU making a BIG deal out of this. I commented on it to give him feed back on his script, stop drama queening.


napa182   -  Oct 07, 2010

Yes they should have posted it in the right section under snippets not scripts. 541 B is not considered a script. Sorry Jenn but this is a Social network. If you post something here you are going to get feedback whether you want it or not. If he wanted to post it just for his friends to have an use then he should have used pastebin.

anyways with that being said keep up the learning Jimmie

Jenn   -  Oct 07, 2010

No... N3M3S1S he posted it her cuz he wanted to and his other friends use it. BTW why is it such a BIG deal wtf he post it anyways? No one said you had to read it let alone comment?

N3M3S1S   -  Oct 06, 2010

I was suggesting that he post this in snippets instead. First script or not, he obviously wanted feedback if he posted it here.

Jenn   -  Oct 06, 2010

Give him a break it was his FIRST time sheesh everyone has to learn or you'll never get anywhere in life.

N3M3S1S   -  Oct 06, 2010

Why don't you paste this in Snippets instead?

It functions but it needs MORE

Jimmie   -  Oct 06, 2010

It's my first full script, so it's still bloated and needs work.

_Teen_   -  Oct 05, 2010

and why didnt u put it on the code place? ._.

look, if it requires that the person needs to op on channel you could use this

ON @:TEXT:*:#:{ 
  if ($chan == %opschan) { commands }

and wha about this...

alias owner {
set %owner $1

alias opschan {
set %opschan $1

alias setchan {
set %chan $1

why dont u use an alias to do it like

alias Stopic {
   set %owner $1 
   set %opschan $2
   set %chan $3

like /STOPIC owner opschans chan

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