Binary God V4.0

Published  Apr 08, 2004


You can talk in Binary with a friend and also use encryption keys to make it harder for people to see what your saying. Bug fixed in talking in numbers.


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Apr 08, 2004


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Binary God V2.0 is an add-on that allows you and anyone else using the script to chat back in forth with each other without others seeing. The code appears as 1s and 0s(binary code) to others. You can also view the binary clock. The document properly covered the add-on considering it's size. When testing, I found that if you were to type the number 0 before you typed, it would appear as binary to you. I found this script to have no security uses, except for just to play in the channel. I found documentation errors in this one(not spelling related.)
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JamieMadrox   -  May 24, 2006

on 1:text:!binary*:# {
msg $chan Translating: $2- to Binary: $bin.encode($2-)

As I wanted to use the script for my bot I wrote this.
Add it to the script if you wish.
What it does is simply translating any word into binary using DeathfireD\'s script

DeathfireD   -  Apr 07, 2004

ok when you right mouse click and hit talk in binary it should show you it in english. You should not see any binary at all if you do you did something wrong.

Jose`Botella   -  Apr 07, 2004

I can send it fine but it won\'t translate it back into english.

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