Rakon 66 version 9 "0603"

By MicroManiac on Feb 01, 2018

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Finally, a more efficient 66mm brushless Whoop!

Built at the end of Summer '17 but never shared as I was extremely disappointed in the overall package and performance. Rebuilt with a variety of 07xx motors on the market and ended with the same results. Fast forward a few months, the inefficiencies of 07xx with 31mm props have been "realized" and manufactures are now recommending 0603 with data to back up claims.

Was only getting around 2:30 mins of flight time with 07xx / 260mah 1S/ 2S and the motors would come down piping hot. Getting double the flight time and similar performance with the same batteries and 0603's. Dry weight is around 22 grams.

Flight footage to come.



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baevans11   Oct 03, 2018  

I see you used the rakon frame but did you buy it from Rakon? They seem to have 2 different frames one says it's for 703 and one says it's for 703 and 603. The link on yours is to rakons site but the sell the 703 at helination. I'm trying to figure out the difference because rakons shipping is crazy slow. Thanks.

MicroManiac   Oct 26, 2018 

Sorry for the late response, haven't logged on to the account since summer. It's the same frame, just be cognisant on what motors you're using because hole size pattern. Let me know if you have more questions.

SouthPaw   May 23, 2018  

micromaniac- hows the Rakon 66 version 9 "0603" doing these days? any other brushless whoop builds your working on?
what would you diff in this build to make it better?

just trying to choose a good build.

MicroManiac   May 23, 2018 

I've taken it apart since more 65mm specific parts came available earlier in the year. Since the popular  "88" build , I've built plenty for me and others. Current favorite recipe includes 1S brushless boards that indude integrated RX's and the happymodel 0603/19,000kv motors. I've also noticed that these 0603's in whoop style ducts love the TBSxTW and Eachine quad blades Have a couple of clean ones for sale, hit me up if interested.

ErgoFPV   Feb 02, 2018  

That's a nice looking whoop!

What battery are you using with those 0603s? Is it just one cell or you're wiring two in series? What's the AUW?
Did you have a chance to compare it to a brushed one in terms of power and agility?

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ghostface   Apr 17, 2018 

How did you manage to run 1s on that super_s stack? I thought it needed 2s to function?

MicroManiac   Apr 17, 2018 

Fixed description. was in between Super S, Teeny 1S, and Lumineer stack.

ghostface   Apr 21, 2018 

Ah makes sense - thx!

rpappa   Feb 15, 2018  

What do you think of that FC? I'm leaning towards using it for a brushless 76mm rakonheli with 11xx motors

MicroManiac   Feb 15, 2018 

Close to 8 hours and so far so good. I didn't even have to raise the motor startup voltage in the ESC, with the Pepperfish and other builds I have running 0603's I had to otherwise some of the motors wouldn't spin because they weren't getting enough power.

Not familiar with the RKH 76 ducted frame but played with the 66 quite a bit and, if the form factor is similar than you might have to custom mount the FC as it's in the traditional "Whoop" diamond.

Hope this helps, please don't hesitate for more questions.

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