The Leap Frog

By The Quadfather on Feb 24, 2018

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My "LeapFrog" build.
The props on here are some 3in tris I had laying around, which I used for testing.
New props are on the way as I write this, so I will update when they arrive.

It is currently untuned, will update with PID's when I am done tuning.
Since Pittsburgh is the London of the US, there has been so much rain that I have only flown once. Nonetheless, DVR will be up in a few days if possible, and if you want to see anything just comment and I will try my best!

Thanks to anyone who helped me



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QuadStar Drones   Feb 24, 2018  

I feel your lack of fly time pain. Ever since I went droniac, I've been searching for ways to hibernate thru the winter.

The Quadfather   Feb 25, 2018 

I bought the Eachine E013 off banggood, but it is just not the same :( on the bright side, I am itching to fly, so I am going to rip nonstop

acromode   Feb 08, 2018  

Did you get this guy flying?

The Quadfather   Feb 11, 2018 

just got the new motors, and I am putting them on tomorrow. I will update when I get it done

The Quadfather   Feb 18, 2018 

Shes good to go, hover test went well

acromode   Jan 30, 2018  

I would definitely try to be running all of the same motors, although, that's close enough that it should at least hover, I assume. Are all the motors spinning the right direction? Did you recalibrate your accelerometer?

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acromode   Jan 30, 2018 

I would also try soft mounting your FC, you can put little rubber rings on either side and don't over tighten on top of them. Also are you just idling on the ground or have you tried to pop it off the ground. Sometimes your FC can freak out from getting too much noise from not soft mounting or just contact with the ground at idle

acromode   Jan 30, 2018 

Also i wouldn't power it up without an antenna connected to your VTx. That can fry it.

The Quadfather   Jan 31, 2018 

I'll soft mount it, and I am aware, I just had it off for the picture

UnderDawg   Jan 30, 2018  

Some people are reporting having desync problems running Dshot 600 on this FC. You might try running Dshot 300 or multi-shot and see if that helps.

The Quadfather   Jan 31, 2018 

Thank you so much, I'm on DShot600 at the moment so Ill change that

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