Kraken 5R

By spdfx on Aug 18, 2016

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Latest iteration has the VTX antenna stuffed inside and pod wrapped in vinyl. Added some stickers and LEDs to make it faster too.

Build video:



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sjtickner   Aug 22, 2017  

that looks nuts! such a good clean build mate.

nikitastealth   Sep 22, 2016  

very nice .. can i have the link of the carbon wrap please , thanks :)

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Whiffles   Sep 22, 2016 

Interesting. How'd you get it to mold to the shape of the canopy?

nikitastealth   Sep 23, 2016 
spdfx   Sep 23, 2016 

@Whiffles The vinyl is very thin and flexible, and warmed up with a heatgun it's easy to stretch it around pretty complex curves.

@nikitastealth I haven't had good luck with cheap vinyl, the ones I've tried are either really hard to stretch around curves or don't have the air channels to prevent bubbles, but hey for less than 3 bucks it's worth a try.

zmrehder   Sep 18, 2016  

So inspired... fame and parts ordered!!!

K24cl9   Sep 18, 2016  

Absolutely beautiful build

zmrehder   Sep 14, 2016  

Where did you get those stickers and blue washers?

spdfx   Sep 17, 2016 

eBay for both. Search for "3mm conical washer" and "1/10 scale rc decal"

MattS   Sep 06, 2016  

By far one of the sexiest frames currently out on the market. Clean, simple, effective. 266g is VERY respectable!!

Sky   Sep 01, 2016  

This build is super clean, and it looks super performant too. Nice job!

thomaazz   Aug 22, 2016  

Awesome build!
May i ask how you mounted that aomway antenna? Very interested in this mounting technique.
Did you solder a wire to the top part of it?

spdfx   Aug 28, 2016 

Check out the build video I just posted - around 8mins in I show how the antenna went on.

lazd   Aug 23, 2016  

Is it possible to change the VTX channel without taking the canopy off?

Also, what'd she end up weighing without battery?

spdfx   Aug 28, 2016 

There's a very small hole drilled on the top to use a pin/tool to press the button on the VTX.

It was 266 grams without battery or props. I weighed it towards the end of the video I just posted.

Whiffles   Aug 18, 2016  

Now that is a nice looking frame. Awesome photos as usual!

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