Armattan Rooster 5" - Ronin Built

By RoninFPV on Jan 28, 2018

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After have enjoyed flying the Armattan Chameleon (I built three of them for my own personal fleet), I was excited when they announced the development of the Rooster. I've been following all of the information as it's been released on the improvements to design and materials over the beloved Chameleon, and I could not wait to get one on my bench...I'm learning that patience is not my strong suit.

As I was planning this build, there were a few things I needed to consider; the placement and installation of my TBS Crossfire RX and Immortal T Antenna, how running my XT60 off the side would work on this frame (my XT60 leads came out the rear on my Chameleon builds, the rooster has a couple of variants of antenna mounts that take up the rear) and if the battery leads would reach to the side, what 3d printed options there were to protect the carbon fiber (i.e. arm guards and front bumper), and how I was going to go about lighting this rig? I found some really cool motor mount led's that were individually addressable through Betaflight. Of course, this process is all part of the fun.

Quite honestly, I was absolutely astonished when i pulled the titanium camera cage from the package, the quality of the finish was amazing. This turned out to be a fun build and I'm very proud of the what came out of it. Solid frame, solid design, gave me a solid build, which should translate into a solid flight experience. I look forward to the maiden this weekend. Another Ronin Built!


Part List


Rooster (140 builds)

Flight Controller

Matek F405-OSD BetaFlight STM32F405 Flight Controller Built-in OSD Inverter for SBUS Input


4 x 1x ESC Spedix GS 30A 2-4S LiPo Standard-Sized MOSFET BLHeli_32bit DShot_1200


4 x EMAX Lite Spec LS2207 2400kv Racing / Freestyle Motor (53 builds)


5 x DAL Cyclone T5040C Pro Tri-Blade 5" Prop 4 Pack - Choose Your Color (26 builds)

FPV Camera

Foxeer Monster V2 16:9 FPV Camera (78 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Team Blacksheep TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 V3 (SMA) Video Transmitter RX/TX - Heli-Nation (5 builds)


Team BlackSheep TBS Crossfire Immortal T Antenna - Heli-Nation (27 builds)


Emax Pagoda II 5.8GHz 50mm LHCP Antenna by Maarten Baert (2pcs) - White


Team BlackSheep TBS CROSSFIRE Micro Receiver V2 - Heli-Nation (287 builds)

Power Distribution

Matek FCHUB-6S Hub Power Distribution Board 5V & 10V BEC Built-in 184A Current Sensor - Heli-Nation

3D Printed

Armattan Rooster & Chameleon Ti Bumper (2 builds)

3D Printed

Armattan Rooster & Chameleon Ti Soft Mount Arm Guards (Set of 4) (3 builds)

Misc Parts

Foxeer Box 4K Case (TPU)

Misc Parts

GoPro Session Case (TPU)

Misc Parts

RMRC Fire LEDs - WS2812 5050 RGB Addressable (3 builds)

Misc Parts

4 x HGLRC Motor LED (1pc) (2 builds)

Misc Parts

TBS Crossfire Immortal Antenna Mount for Armattan Rooster and Chameleon Ti by juandavidbarrada (5 builds)
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RJT FPV   May 15, 2018  

What standoff size are you using for the PDB and FC? I'm building a rooster soon with an armattan v3 pdb and a Betaflight F4 FC. I'm planning to have my vtx like you have, (I have the same one) and I want to put my x4rsb under the PDB. With your experience do you think it will fit? Thank you, really like the build!

RoninFPV   May 15, 2018 

Hey RJT,  thanks for the like and your question.  I'll get you some feedback when I get home tonight, currently out of town.  I appreciate your patience.

RoninFPV   May 16, 2018 

Hi RJT FPV. Thanks for your patience. I'm using the Matek F405 FC with the Matek FCHUB PDB. It's a great combo that connects via a thin ribbon cable, helps keep the connections minimal and clean. I'm running individual esc's mounted on the arms, not the 4 in 1's so there are only two boards in my stack. From the bottom, I use nylon nuts as spacers that are approximately 2-2.5mm tall. I then stack the PDB on those. Next I use the soft mount rubber standoffs that come with the Matek F405 FC to minimize vibration and oscillation to my gyros, those are about 7mm tall and can be purchased separately, then stack my FC on top. Lock em down with another set of nylon nuts. Still plenty of space between my FC and the top plate/battery plate for my lipo strap(s). This setup has worked perfect on both my Chameleon and both my Rooster builds. See photo for reference.
For your setup, you can use a taller standoffs at the bottom to seat your pdb and place your X4RSB underneath as you originally planned, should be enough space. However, I recommend you consider using the XM+, not the X4RSB. The XM+ is a micro size but still a full range receiver. You don't get telemetry back to your radio like you do with the X4RSB, but you can set it up to send RSSI to your OSD, and it's less wires. I think most FPV pilots prefer data in their OSD anyhow. I've been running it that way for at least a year now.

Hope this helps!!

RJT FPV   May 16, 2018 

Thank you Ronin! I'm planning to use the included rooster standoffs for the pdb and use soft rubber standoffs for my fc. I'm using an x4rsb because of me being lazy about cutting antennas. I'll be running an odd as well. my next build will definitely have a xm+. Thanks for the help! I will document my build once everything arrive, and I'll link your build for being the neatest. Have fun flying!

BigJilmFPV   May 12, 2018  

Where did you get the 3D printed mount for the Foxeer Box? I have a case for a GoPro Session 5 but the Box is bigger and wont fit. Im having zero luck finding a mount for it.

RoninFPV   May 12, 2018 

Hi BigJilmFPV, I bought mine from at that time, but they don't seem to be carrying it anymore. I did just recently find one on, downloaded the .stl file and had a friend print one out for me. This is the one I downloaded:

Hope this helps.

BigJilmFPV   May 12, 2018 

Oh man! I didnt even think to check thingiverse. I wish my printer was up and going id have that ready to go asap. I appreciate the help Ronin.

RoninFPV   May 12, 2018 

Good luck!!

alcarv   Jan 31, 2018  

I just got a rooster frame on the mail and I have a Monter V2 on order, too. So you could fit them ok, no problems?

RoninFPV   Feb 01, 2018 

Absolutely no problem. There are M2 screws that come with the rooster frame kit, theyre pretty long. You will need those to mount your monster v2 cam to the titanium pieces. The stock screws that come with the camera are too short

Paulhirdler   Jan 28, 2018  

What kind of GoPro Case is that? Trying to find one like that.

RoninFPV   Jan 28, 2018 

I'm actually running with a Foxeer 4K Box, but I also have a GoPro Hero Session 5 with a bumper case like that. I've added the link to those in the parts list. I like the lipo strap loops, figured what good is protecting the camera if it gets ejected and lost. Hope it helps you and others.

RoninFPV   Jan 28, 2018 

You can get them from

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