🐓 Rooster 5" - T Motor F40 III 🐓

By Quark on Jan 25, 2018

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This is my dream build! Hope to have a lot of fun flying this bird!

Frame - Rooster 5"

Since I started in this hobby about 8 months back, I always had my eyes set on Armattan Chameleon but could not get myself to spend that much on a frame. After waiting for months, decided to get the Chameleon for Christmas. But its successor - the Rooster was announced just in time before the holidays. I ordered the frame on the day it launched on Armattan's website! It arrived on time. Setting it up was mostly hassle free. Just a couple screws had QC issues, I was able to use the other provided spares. That titanium roll cage is a thing of beauty!

Motors - T-Motor F40 III 2400kV

I'd seen this motor on other Chameleon builds on Rotorbuilds. Then I noticed it on sale for ~$18 on undergroundfpv.com, which seemed like a good deal. After doing some more research, I found positive reviews on this as a good freestyle motor. Joshua Bardwell recommends it on his site as the Top of the line All Rounder motor. This is also listed as a MultiGP spec class motor. So decided to pull the trigger on these.

FC - Bardwell F4

I've learnt a lot about FPV from watching Joshua Bardwell's videos. Was excited to try a FC designed by him. Wiring it up was quite easy. It seems well laid out. Interesting to see the 9V regulator. I'm powering the TBS Unify from it, will see it how it handles noise.

Other Parts

  • Spedix ES30A HV - I'm using these on both my freestyle builds.
  • Runcam Eagle 2 - This is my goto camera because of its stellar image quality in all lighting conditions (I do fly at night sometimes).
  • TBS Unify Pro HV
  • Frsky R-XSR
  • 3D TPU parts from Brain3D

Weight - 420g(dry), 660g AUW (w/ GoPro)



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silversoul   Dec 13, 2018  

Very clean build! Love the black/red color scheme.

Pegasus   Feb 08, 2018  

Hi, very nice build, congrats!

May I ask you where did you get the .stl for that 3D printed bumper protector? Thanks in advance! Cheers!

bingerz   Jan 31, 2018  

Sweet build! I felt the same way about spending alot for a frame. It was my first build and I wasn't sure how it would turn out. I was afraid I might end up with a $100 brick. But now that I've got one under my belt...I think I'd splurge more. Especially with the warranty some companies have. Is it Armattan w/ a Lifetime Warranty? I forgot. Something like that would definitely get me leaning towards them. How are you liking the bardwell fc? Any pros/cons in performance and overall experience in your build with it? I'm already thinking about my next build. My first has an F3 fc and since I'm subscriber on Josh Bardwell's Youtube, I'd definitely pick one up to show my support.

Quark   Feb 04, 2018 

Yeah lifetime warranty on all frame parts. Building with the FC was really easy. Everything is well labeled. No issues so far. Overall build went pretty well. The only negative was the bad batch of screws. Since mine was one of the first batches, they had some QC issues with the screws. Since then, they've changed it to better screws. One of my screw heads broke off after a bad crash. I contacted Armattan support and they helped me out.

RZFPV   Jan 25, 2018  

Hey you seem to know a lot about this hobby, can u check out my first budget build and provide any recommendations

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