By acromode on Feb 07, 2018

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This is a running and flying quad but I already have a bunch of changes planned so I'm posting this itteration and will rebuild and report.

Fit and finish is great, as I've come to expect from Armattan.

Those sunk nuts require some controlled use of force. Don't be afraid to whack them, but don't go total hamfist.

The VTX and wiring harness to the 4 in 1 worked out nicely, with ample room behind the stack. The VAS ion and Eagle Pro 2 are putting out crystal clear video. I usually don't run audio but decided to for this long ranger and because the Eagle Pro 2 has an onboard mic, so it was only a matter of one extra wire. Nice! I'm not a huge proponent of unnecessary heat shrink, insulustion etc, but couldn't help hiding the lead from the camera.

Bonus spot the cat pic.


Part List


Rooster (140 builds)

Flight Controller

Raceflight Revolt V3 Flight Controller - Latest Version (71 builds)


XRotor Micro 40A 4in1 BLHeli-S DShot600 for FPV Pilots - HOBBYWING North America (142 builds)


TMotor F40 PRO II - 1600KV (35 builds)


Master Airscrew BN Series - 5x4.5 Prop Set X4 - Green (2 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Eagle 2 Pro FPV Camera (12 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS UNIFY PRO HV 5G8 SMA (604 builds)


VAS 5.8 GHz ION RHCP Antenna (13 builds)


FrSky R-XSR 2.4GHz Micro ReceiverDefault Title (933 builds)
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RotorRebel   Apr 17, 2018  

nice build! the wiring harness, I noticed your xrotor 4in1 is turned 180. Does the pic of the wiring harnness depict that motor sequence?

acromode   Apr 18, 2018 

The FC is mapped directly to the 4 in , meaning signal 1 is mapped to motor one, I woulndt necissarily use my colors as a guide, as the colors on specifc harnesses often are different. It is turned 180, so the battery pig tail can sneak up through the front, cleaner for top mounting. the motors do have to be swapped in your FC software, RF, Betaflight, etc, which is pretty simple

BlackbirdFPV   Feb 18, 2018  

How do you like that frame? Is it the 6'' arms?

acromode   Feb 18, 2018 

It is a 6" arm. I like the frame quite a lot. A very nice evolution on the chameleon. Finish is top notch.

wiytboi   Feb 12, 2018  

Why 1600kv motors? You running 6s low kv build or 6in?

acromode   Feb 12, 2018 

Yea going to 6s with 6" props. Gonna make gobs of thrust. I will report when that's done.

wiytboi   Feb 12, 2018 

Yeah I have a 6in 6s.. holy damn. Using 2207 2300kv dys storm motors. So much speed. Ridiculous fast.

Zookzor   Feb 08, 2018  

How do you get the direct connect working on the raceflight and hobbywing esc?

acromode   Feb 09, 2018 

You can connect the jst connectors just map out which colors correspond and solder them together. That's what the pic of the just the 8 pin connectors are.

FreeKill998   Feb 08, 2018  

Nice rolling board ;-) i use to use a frisbee back in my college days

acromode   Feb 08, 2018 

LOL, Massachusetts is a terrific state. i have a few trays and they make great building platforms to keep builds separated and movable

ICEMAN   Jan 23, 2018  

Are those motor wires too short?

acromode   Jan 25, 2018 

Nope, I ended up trimming maybe 3".

acromode   Jan 25, 2018 

I added a pic from before I trimmed them.

acromode   Jan 25, 2018 

Never mind I don't have one. Lol. They were plenty long.

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