Braap Purple Haze

By homeslizice on Jan 08, 2018

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the xlabs shrike style is still one of my favorite frames to fly. The braap just made sense as an upgrade and I must say, I do love the way it turned out.



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Beastie Builds   Jan 14, 2018  

If rotorbuilds had a build of the week, this would be it brother. How do you like the frame? Is it quick and sturdy as it looks?

Beastie Builds   Jan 14, 2018 

Also are you using this thing for freestyle or racing? Which do you think it’s better at?

homeslizice   Jan 15, 2018 

I like the frame, I was skeptical at first because of how the battery was mounted on top but I don't really feel a difference in flight. It is snappy, not sure about durability yet only time will tell. I use this rig for freestyle because I am no good at racing and enjoy free flight more than anything else.

RZFPV   Jan 09, 2018  

OMG this is my dream build right here, shame it costs so much would u have any suggestions for a beater quad before i go all out and build one of these?

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homeslizice   Jan 11, 2018 

whats your budget? Do you already own a transmitter and goggles?

RZFPV   Jan 11, 2018 

$250 for a quad I already own a qx7 but I have no goggles

Beastie Builds   Jan 14, 2018 

Get a flight sim first. Spend $20 on velocidrone by Team Black Sheep and save your self hundreds of crashes and dollars and time. It’s the best $20 I’ve ever invested and even though I fly dozens of packs a day every day, I still use velocidrone daily before trying new tricks in real life. I couldn’t reccomend velocidrone enough because it feels soooo close to the real thing.

Adamst5   Jan 09, 2018  

Hey man I would recommend not using those rubber bobbins for soft mounting and using a long bolt that goes through the whole stack with spacers. In a hard crash the bobbins will cause the FC to move and the connector or pins will be ripped off the esc or flight controller and you will have to use wire instead. Otherwise very sexy build

homeslizice   Jan 10, 2018 

good call sir, I was hustlin trying to find hardware but I've got some stuff on order to replace the bobbins now.

Jodie Froster   Jan 09, 2018  

Maaaaaan that shit is BEAUTIFUL!

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