6" X-Hover Stingy Mid-Range Cruiser

By War Chest on Jan 04, 2018

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After successfully building two identical 5" X-Hover Stingy freestyle quads, I've decided to take that same basic formula and see how the Stingy frame flies as a 6" mid-range cruiser.

Goal and Parts Selection

The goal of this quad was to build a smooth, stable and reliable mid-range cruiser capable of flying a 3 1/2 mile (5.6km) round trip.

In order to achieve this, I've selected high efficiency 2306 sized T-Motor F40 Pro V2 1600kv motors and paired them with the very stable and battery efficient HQ 6x3x3 V1S PC prop.


This isn't a light quad by any means. Mid to long range cruisers designed for smooth, jello-free HD video never are. With a GoPro Session 5 and a 1800 mAh HV Lipo, this quad's AUW is 683 grams.

With that said, this quad has every bell and whistle I could think of. 9.4:1 thrust-to-weight ratio, Full OSD & Telemetry, TBS Crossfire LRS, 800mW of VTX power for maximum range on 5.8Ghz, Microphone audio (from the Runcam Swift 2), GPS, and of course, 100% waterproof.

Total Flight Time

(30 Degree Cam Angle with 50% horizon)
1800mAh: 8:35 sec @ 80% consumed
2800mAh: 12:40 sec @ 80% consumed

Here is a link to some footage captured on the 6"



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Kuz   Oct 03, 2018  

I'm in the process of deciding which direction to go for my next build. I got a hold of some T-Motor F40-1600 and a Hobbywing stack. Was thinking about exactly this, 6"-4S vs switching to 6S and I think your summation of this quad sealed it for me. Right now my 5" Rooster can only really do 1 mile with a 1500. I'm thinking 2200mah 4S should get me over 10 and this build proves it. Thanks for sharing it. It's perfectly spec'd and built. One tip to help you squeeze the most out of your packs, use the mah consumed to dictate when you land, not the voltage.

SystemRotor   Jan 14, 2018  

How is the Betaflight F4 Controller going long range i am think of doing a similar build ,what flight times are you achieving .

War Chest   Jan 15, 2018 

Betaflight F4 is a reliable FC to fly. I am currently running 3 quads with the same FC.

With this setup, on a 1800mAh HV Lipo, I am getting a long range cruising flight time average of just over 9 minutes and landing with a resting voltage of 14.9-15.0v.

And that's with the VTX broadcasting at 800mW. :)

Nicart   Jan 08, 2018  

Really impressive work and component choice ! So rare to see 6" or above quad.
How long can you fly with the 1600kv ? Did you try with higher mah ?

War Chest   Jan 08, 2018 

Thanks Nicart!

The weather has been below freezing here so I have not had a chance to do anything other than fly short distances.

Tomorrow's weather will be better so I will do a test and let you know.

I have not tried anything past 1800mAh but I'm open to suggestions / recommendations!

War Chest   Jan 10, 2018 

Hi Nicart, I did a test today with a fully charged 1800 mAh and flew for 8 minutes and 15 seconds. After recharging the pack I noticed I had only used 1165mAh so I had at least another 235 - 335 mAh that I could have flown. I'm guessing it would be a total of a 9 minute flight time.

Nicart   Jan 13, 2018 

Wow very nice ! Thanks for the information. I'm building my 7" quad and hope to flight at least 12min.

Bergflug   Jan 10, 2018  

Very nice build and impressive documentation!

Love the with the bigger/longer Low esr Cap.
Those Motors are so damn sexy with your photography skills 😍

Were did you mount the GPS unit? Can't Spot it on the pictures. And for what purpose is it even in there?
Showing GPS data in the OSD in ase of a DVR based recovery Mission?

War Chest   Jan 10, 2018 

Thanks so much for your encouraging words Berflug!

The GPS unit isn't shown in the photos because I photographed the quad before I wired it up. I have it mounted at the rear of the bottom plate on a light, detachable bracket so I can remove it when I don't need it.

I just use it for DVR based recovery on long range flights that I know the quad would be impossible to find without it.

Jodie Froster   Jan 04, 2018  

Your work is amazing. From component selection, to construction/fitment, to production value on your documentation. I applaud you.

War Chest   Jan 04, 2018 

Thank you T-Bone! I'm relatively new to the hobby so I still have much to learn.

I'm doing my best to build as well as I can so that I can trust the equipment I fly!

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