Nidici R1 X5 - Hyperlite 2405s

By Quark on Dec 31, 2017

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After flying Racerstar 2306 motors for ~4 months, finally decided to upgrade to some higher quality motors. Having seen a lot of good reviews for the Hyperlite 2405s, decided to build an acro setup around it.

Chose the Nidici frame (aka iFlight R1 X5) as it seemed like a decent alien style frame in the ~$50 range with replacement arms available.

Wanted to try the FC Hub VTX since it makes wiring so easy paired with the Matek f405.

Runcam Eagle 2 is my goto camera because of its stellar image quality in all lighting conditions (I do fly at night sometimes).

Spedix 30A escs since they seem to be one of the more reliable ones.

Also applied silicon conformal coating on the solder joints for that extra water resistance.

397g dry, 628g AUW (w/ gopro)

Tried some packs with the V1S 5x4.8x3 - the strong bottom end torque was immediately noticeable. Recovers really easily from dives. Will update as I find out more about the motors.



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Jodie Froster   Dec 31, 2017  

Curious to see what you find, i'm reading/hearing a LOT of conflicting statements about those racerstar motors. Seems likely that they are just as good as anything else out there but ppl want to bash them cause' they're cheap... which seems backwards...

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delta_fpv   Jan 01, 2018 

i completely agree, kebab fpv said they were kinda bad. but i think its just cause they are cheap, ive had them for months now and abusd them quite a bit (sand dirt mud water crashes) and they are all still doing just fine and are really quite powerfull, for the price they are just amazing.

Jodie Froster   Jan 01, 2018 

Yea, he's suckin they dick for them free parts. I can't really blame him, but it does make me aware that he's not legit anymore... sigh.

delta_fpv   Jan 07, 2018 

I think his quad theory etc is still fairly accurate, and i really like my floss. However you definently need to take his advice with a pinch of salt, it hink that too often his personal likeing of the brand (or dislikeing) gets in the way of an accurate review.

AXIOM72   Dec 31, 2017  

Love the hyperlight motors. Been seriously thinking about trying these over 2306 motors that I’ve been running for some time now which have proven to be great. How efficient are those motors on that build do they give you decent flight time..

Quark   Dec 31, 2017 

I used to fly Racerstar 2306 2400kV earlier and used to get ~4.5 mins on ~1300 4S packs. But then I was still in the beginner phase, didn't push them too hard. I'm flying the 2405s along with a gopro session, and am getting ~4 mins of decent ripping, which seems decent. This is after all a heavier setup compared to my 2306 build.

I'm also going to do another build with T-Motor F40 III 2306 with around the same AUW, so maybe then I can compare 2306 vs 2405.

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