Exocet 3

By duffa123 on Jan 18, 2018

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Working on my first 3"...hoping for more flight time and thrust vs 2" without being as loud / big as a 5"

Update - build complete! Concept was to build a high performing 3" without sacrificing camera quality. For that outcome I chose the Sparrow frame paired with the updated T-Motor F20's for power and a Foxeer Predator Mini for vision. Initial flight in my garage suggests that I'm in for a eye-opening experience, even after flying my 1106 powered micro for some time. Will update after a proper maiden - hopefully this weekend...

Update - wow does this thing rip!!! Couldn't be happier with performance in terms of sheer thrust, stability and general ease of control. I started flying with the stock BF PID's and didn't have to change almost anything to get it flying like a dream. Absolutely love the Predator cam - great resolution and impressive dynamic range. The T-Motor F20's have proven to be extremely powerful with a nice usable torque curve that makes the quad feel almost "weightless." Overall, I'm very pleased with the outcome of this build and wouldn't really change anything based on initial flights. Oh, for those who care, this build came in at 158 grams; I was hoping to be sub-150 but the camera is just too heavy!



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Arise   Jul 18, 2018  

Do you know the weight of the aluminium top part (the canopy) with its screws and standoffs? Without the carbon base frame. Thanks!

duffa123   Jul 19, 2018 

Weighed one last night and it came in at 21g with screws and standoffs.

aero528   Jun 05, 2018  

Looks good! What capacitor did you put on the F428? I've not been able to find the size requirements.

duffa123   Jun 05, 2018 

I used a 330 uf cap but that's probably on the small end; some people use caps as large as 1000 uf but they're quite a bit heavier and harder to fit

aero528   Jun 05, 2018 

Thanks! I have some 330uf caps lying around, so ill put one of those on. Does it clean up the video, or do anything else?

duffa123   Jun 05, 2018 

I'm not necessarily and expert, but as far as I know, the caps are primarily used to clean up video.

amplificus   Jan 23, 2018  

The build looks awesome! I almost got that frame, but was worried about reviews mentioning the camera options were limited. Glad you found a nice one that works. What battery are you using? I'm assuming 3S with the kv rating on the motors, but you know what happens when you assume...

duffa123   Jan 23, 2018 

Thanks for the compliments - I really love the Predator although it is a fairly tight fit! I am currently using 80C 850mah 4S batteries and haven't had any over-heating problems whatsoever, even after aggressive flying. Based on what I've seen, this seems to be the common experience with the V2 F20's.

AXIOM72   Jan 18, 2018  

How do you like the Foxeer predator cam. i was gonna try one over the runcam swift 2 micro.

duffa123   Jan 18, 2018 

Looked great for the ~30 seconds that I flew it in my garage :) Once I've had time to run some packs through this guy I'll post an update with a more detailed evaluation.

duffa123   Jan 20, 2018 

Update - did maiden flight today and absolutely loved the Predator. My reference for comparison is a RunCam Micro Sparrow and the Predator blew it out of the water in terms of picture quality, dynamic range and detail. I would absolutely recommend it but also probably worth looking into RunCam Eagle 2 Pro if you're looking for the best image quality.

TjayFPV   Jan 18, 2018  

That is good looking quad.

duffa123   Jan 18, 2018 

Thanks - its certainly my best build. I might still try to clean up the RX antennas, but other than that, I was surprised how clean it turned out.

TjayFPV   Jan 19, 2018 

It is really clean. Great job :)

FreeKill998   Jan 18, 2018  

how'd you get the aluminum to be grey?

duffa123   Jan 18, 2018 

The frame was painted that color from the factory. If it looks more grey than other Sparrows, probably just the lighting :)

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