Tiny "Dog" Shark

By MicroManiac on Dec 08, 2017

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A big shout out to Mr. LAZD @FalconMultiRotors for opening up an "impatient" mans group buy. Thanks to you, I'm selling all my Whoops but keeping one for spec racing hahahaha.

Simply Amazing! I can't recommend this frame enough, best brushless indoor micro I've built and flown to date! Surprised to get more flight time than a Whoop on the same battery and, also handles larger 1S lipos with ease. Pulled out the old Hubsan lipos collecting dust and added a separate power connection, because LOSI hahaha. Logged over 8 hours of fun and motors still running strong. Haven't touched the 7mm "go to" Whoop for indoor shenanigans ever since! Even though the Shark bites don't hurt, ordered Aurora 100 prop guards to calm the Wifey hahaha

Loving every second of this indoor perfection... Everyone should have a Tiny Shark in their fleet!!!!!



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Ifly@sgfpv   Jan 02, 2023  

Awesome build!👍
what the weight without battery?
...my guess it should be very light as its flying great with 1s on 10000kv motor

MakerMan2020   Mar 12, 2018  

How are these motors holding up?

MicroManiac   Mar 12, 2018 

Was hesitant to buy because of the Amazon reviews but, so far so good! The motor protection from the landing feet is most likely contributing to longevity.

MakerMan2020   Mar 13, 2018 

Yeah I was looking at them and saw the same thing on amazon. Good to know they hold up

9Toes   Dec 26, 2017  

Love your build! How do you monitor your battery voltage?

MicroManiac   Jan 06, 2018 

Sorry for the late response, haven't been on in a while
Timer and OSD. Swapped cam for the G131 off Amazon.

solaireFPV   Dec 11, 2017  

Okay, I feel better after seeing this posted. My canopy aperature for the camera lens must be too small! I nearly tore it off when assembling it!

MicroManiac   Dec 11, 2017 

Tore off my original AIO. I believe LAZD is working on another canopy. Hit him up!

solaireFPV   Dec 16, 2017 

What hardware did you use to make the stack...having height issues here

MicroManiac   Dec 17, 2017 

From frame to bottom of ESC M2 nut which is 2mm tall. ESC to FC stock HW which is 5mm tall. On the front of the stack used a M2 but in conjunction with an anodized 5mm standoff which adds up to 7mm. In the very rear 15mm anodized standoff along with M2 nut totalling 17mm. Reference pic 7 and 8.

JaeWarren   Dec 09, 2017  

Great build. Can't wait to try this. I'd love to use the same canopy - was it 3-D printed or can I purchase it somewhere?


MicroManiac   Dec 09, 2017 

Thanks for the kind words. Highly recommend this frame and motor combo. Canopies might be shipping with the next batch of frames but, I'd contact LAZD to be sure. If you have access to a 3D printer, here's a link to the print file: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2644550
Last I spoke with LAZD, he mentioned he was working on having better quality printed canopies available for sale on the site. Had a buddy print mine in PLA. Very hard but brittle.

At a minimum, the frame should come with the printed camera mount along with the appropriate M2 hardware unless, LAZD decides to do something else with the next batch which I doubt.

JaeWarren   Dec 10, 2017 

Awesome. Thanks 🙏 for the info and advice.

deks   Dec 09, 2017  

Love the colors!

Where did you get those motor bumpers/landing gear things?

MicroManiac   Dec 09, 2017 

Added to parts list. Thanks my good friend on the East Coast. Kuge-Aniya!!!!!!

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