Stanced Wizard X220

By vinnnocc on Nov 16, 2017

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started life as an wizard x220 great quad for bashing and learning. as time went on i felt the need to change things, broken or not because i can’t keep anything stock.

running latest version of betaflight
4k/4k zero filters, motors are as cool as when i take off
multi star 1400mah 3s
just picked up some CHNL 1300mah 4s can’t wait to try some 4s

quad weights- 510g with battery no gopro
392g no battery no gopro

first to swap out was the stock motors and ESCs. i broke one esc and felt i should just upgrade to some 30amp and also felt i should upgrade to new motors. because why not.

also added a CAP to help video feed

next was the frame
removed the side plates
lowered the top plate with 30mm stand off. may trim them down to 28mm or even lower. retap if i have too
raised the arms to the top on the bottom plate (stock is under the lower plate)

doing these changes yes i lost a ton of support to the center of the quad but my new Center of gravity is amazing. quad handles great not boat like or very top heavy. i added two new stand off in the center of the quad for support. (yes had to drill new holes)

the amount of crashing i’ve done with this new set up haven’t broken anything. and definitely way harder crashes then when it was stock.

i’m happy with every part on the quad. video is clear. flight times are about 4min going hard. like balls deep.
amazing quad. can’t wait till i build another quad

cough cough in the mail ;)



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danyeal   Nov 16, 2017  

Nice mods, lowering ist a great ideal. I have a pretty much Stock Wizard, which im going to Upgrade soon. Where did you add the capacitor, to the Main battery lead or the escs ? Did you add osd or Buzzer? Cheers

danyeal   Nov 16, 2017 

*is a great idea

vinnnocc   Nov 16, 2017 

thank you. i added Cap to the main battery leads. 35v 1000uf cap btw
the run cam tells me all i need to know now (volts) and i have a buzzer on the FC simple mod if you haven’t done so already.

danyeal   Nov 16, 2017 

Awesome Thanks, ordering Buzzer and Cap now!

vinnnocc   Nov 16, 2017  

will update as i think of what i have done.

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