Spidey Lives ( Nemesis X - 2.5 )

By UnderDawg on Jan 20, 2018

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12-24-17 I've been following BRDM and his frame designs on RC groups for some time now and I really liked the look of the Nemesis X - 2.5 frame. The frame is pre-ordered, and now its time to start putting together a parts list for this winter build.

1-20-18 I finished up this build last night and was able to get in about 10 packs today WHAT A LITTLE BEAST and a dream to fly.
I used the Babyhawk R PID's as a base tune and the motors came down cool to the touch on 2 and 3s. I'll make more adjustments after I add the HD backpack.



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Abonacci   Jun 13, 2018  

What HD setup is that? Awesome build .

UnderDawg   Jun 13, 2018 

Abonacci, the HD backpack is a BRDM design as well. http://brdmquads.miiduu.com/hd-backpack-for-nemesis-x-pre-assembled

deletedxxx1   Mar 24, 2018  

What Kv option did you use? I'm thinking of making a similar build.

UnderDawg   Mar 24, 2018 

I used the 6k version and they have been great. I think I've run between 80 and 100 pack on this build so far.

deletedxxx1   Mar 24, 2018  

What Kv option did you use? I'm thinking of making a similar build.

kbflytrap   Mar 14, 2018  

awesome build! i am doing the same build and its my first time building. any way u can take a picture without the top plate so i can see the juicy wires?.. and make sure i don't poof anything.

UnderDawg   Mar 14, 2018 

Hi, at this time I have six quads on the bench and taking one more apart for photos is just not in the cards. Sorry.
I will, however, send you some links in a PM that might be of some help.

FissionBomb   Jan 23, 2018  

Really cool frame! How much clearance do the 2.5 props have?

UnderDawg   Jan 23, 2018 

Thanks, FB! I would say 3mm of clearance with the GF 2540's.

doc   Jan 01, 2018  

Sweet frame choice! I have been looking at the Nemesis and the Rotorious cb122. I've got a set of the Rotorx 1107's that need a home. The cb122 looks like a mini alien and the Nemesis looks kinda like a mini rooster. lol

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doc   Jan 03, 2018 

I bought the Rotorx 1107's because they stated they could run 3s on the 3044's, not true. Should have known better but 3s with 2540's should be a sweet spot. Kinda worried that it will melt batteries though. The Emax 1106's are tough, On my 2in lilrippa they continue to run hot as hell but are still going after 30-40 packs. Did you get your Nemesis today? Been following that thread and got one on order myself.

UnderDawg   Jan 03, 2018 

Yep, it came in the mail today. I thought I was gonna have to fight the Post-Master to get them to look for it though. Did you get in on the pre-order?

doc   Jan 03, 2018 

LOL. Dunno. ordered it on the first, the website said there were some left and the sale went through,so? I pm'd BRDM to get a confirmation so we'll see. Hope so, I am stoked on this build probably because the the weather is so shitty and no chance to fly.

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