TRIBUS2 117MM 3"

By volitant on Oct 26, 2017

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My latest lightweight 3 inch build with custom frame.

At 3mm thick although the frame is very light at 19g its probably a little overkill for 11xx sized motors but can also fit 14xx size however personally id advise against any motors such as 1407 or larger for 3" as you have to carry larger 650-850 4s batteries and although a 1407 3" build may have a tiny amount more top end speed, the weight kills the handling and cornering performance.

Might upgrade to new 1402-1404 sized motors as they may be a new sweet spot for this type of build.

Currently using old rcx 1304 5000kv which are about on par weight/performance with the new emax rs1106 4500kv motors but far cheaper.
Also went with separate escs as I stumbled across these tiny 0.8g! 13a 2-3s from hglrc and much prefer replacing one esc than a 4in1.

85g dry weight
130g with 450mah 3s

If anyone wishes to build this frame it is now available on my Armattan productions page.
Be warned however it is a very tight build and only the smallest components can be used but pays off for a very compact, robust and agile machine!

Also available in 2mm flavour which uses m2 standoff and hardware, weighing a crazy 13.5g with hardware.




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Quadlite   Jun 20, 2018  

Do you happen to know if the hglrc aio zeus fc esc board would fit? or would the front standoffs hit it? its 20x20 mounting, but it sticks out a bit more than a normal 20x20. If you dont know its no big deal. I was just curious because thatd be a super cool if it fit. I ordered the frame already, if it doesnt fit I have other stuff I can use.

volitant   Jun 25, 2018 

Sorry for the late reply, I'm very sorry I'm pretty sure it won't be able to fit, the frame as per usual was designed as small as possible and can only fit up to a 25x25mm board with 20x20 mounting holes.

Whilst I haven't tried it myself, something this size should fit nicely

Quadlite   Jun 25, 2018 

no worries! i just ordered a 200mw aio cam, diy camera mounts, hglrc f428 fc/esc stack and rcinpower 1108 6800kv plus your 2mm tribus frame and m2 standoffs. i have pretty much every 3 inch prop they make thatll fit those motors. im going to try them all. The rotorx 3044x3 look really nice! cant wait to build it! Should be around 80grams give or take a few.

FIXME_FPV   Nov 08, 2017  

How do you think this would be with the dys 1404 6000kv? Just ordered the frame super excited to build it soon. Also what flight times do you get out of the 450mah 3s? Because I'll probably stick with a very similar setup if it's about 3 minutes.

volitant   Nov 08, 2017 

That's sweet! looking forward to seeing it built :)

I think it should be really good setup! although I haven't tried any lighter 1402/04 size motors yet, I get a little more than 3 mins on 450mah acro flying with quite a few full throttle punches, tight turns/orbits etc and about 4 and a half minutes with 550mah 3s but depends where and how you're flying of course

The 4300kv dys 1404 have a tiny amount more thrust and efficiency than the motors I'm using so the 6000kv 1404 should be little less efficient but imo I would be happy sacrificing a little flight time because it will be a fast little machine!

Reviewedge   Oct 29, 2017  

So this should be faster than running something like the rcx 1407s with 4s? I like the idea of running 450 mah lipos, but dont want to sacrafice speed.

volitant   Oct 29, 2017 

Just added a video with some dvr, I think it is a little slower and I really mean a little than a 1407 build.

I've only been flying on 3s as well but the performance, handling and floatyness is far greater and makes it far more enjoyable to fly personally.

These motors are stone cold on 3s as well and would be fine on 4s with a light propeller such as twin blade 3025 which may genuinely be faster than 1407, but again i went with 3s as its more than ample and is lighter still.

Reviewedge   Oct 30, 2017 

I just watched the vid, great build and great flying. Your definitely getting great speed.   Oct 26, 2017  

That's a really nice frame you've designed. I really like the 3" quads that are build with 2" lightweight gear rather than the older 3" style with 5" gear. Do you know if there is enough room for a 4 in 1 esc?

volitant   Oct 27, 2017 

Thank you! So do I the handling is so much better and more fun!

Its really hard to say as a few 4in1s have different dimensions, but I think it could be possible as long as the esc/fc stack is kept low enough that it doesn't hit the fpv camera (the lower the better) I am using m3 rubber soft mounts and the fc is near its height limit to the camera, the runcam micro swift bracket can also be used and might give a little more room

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