Hyperlow 10mm Vertical Racer

By Charles Hidalgo on Oct 10, 2017

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This mid-mount racing frame features a new approach to arm design developed by Bob Roogi (Hyperlite/Floss); a double stack assembly with all the benefits of a vertical arm, and none of the drawbacks.

At 10mm tall and 4.5mm wide, the arms allow for the motor mount to be cut from one layer, with the bottom layer adding extremely rigid support with the benefit of aerodynamic positioning. The arms then double as standoffs, with the kit only needing a total of two for camera mounting.


Part List


HyperLow VERT RACER (2 builds)

Flight Controller

Asgard AIO Flight Controller (F4 FC, 4x 25A ESC, OSD, PDB, Curr) (9 builds)


FPVracing.ch (20 builds)


RaceKraft 5051 5" Tri-Blade Prop - Smoke, Blue, Clear, Emerald (123 builds)

FPV Camera

Foxeer Arrow Micro V2 FPV Camera Built-in OSD Plastic Case - IR Block - NTSC (76 builds)


Pyro-Drone 5G8 Linear Antenna With SMA Connector (6 cm ) (13 builds)


Spektrum DSMX SRXL2 V2 Serial Micro Receiver (124 builds)


Panda Power 1300 4s 95c TOP (28 builds)


FrSky 2.4G 16CH Taranis X9D Plus Transmitter SPECIAL EDITION w/ M9 Gimbals (48 builds)
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HD Camera

YI Action Camera 1080P Lime Green White Black 16MP Full HD 155 degree Ultra-wide Angle Sports Mini Camera (Green/China/Camera On (3 builds)

HD Camera

Gopro HERO 3+ Camera Black Edition Camera Camcorder CHDHX-302 (3 builds)

HD Camera

Gopro HERO 3+ Camera Black Edition Camera Camcorder CHDHX-302 (3 builds)

HD Camera


HD Camera

OlympusM.Zuiko Digital ED 12mm f/2 Lens (Black) (2 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro HERO4 Black Edition 4K Action Camera Camcorder 32GB Bundle 10 - Newegg.com (5 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro HERO5 Session (303 builds)
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Charles Hidalgo   Nov 03, 2018 

Thank yiu. Yes this hapipens quite ioften to me actualy and this particular one is a hyperlow 10mm vert racer that they callled a Puda very racer.. Richard from Hyperlow and i just laughed as its a shame how China treats such direct rip offs!

wiytboi   Nov 03, 2018 

Yeah I have a few vertfreestyle, and racers, Richard is sending me the new freestyle prototype arms to durability test for him.. I'm pretty brutal on quads but the freestyle hold up like no other.  still need to get an RS tho see how it flys.

SugarK   Nov 19, 2017  

how the asgard going reliability wise ?

Charles Hidalgo   Nov 23, 2017 

ASGARD is the platform basically but all of them I have tried sucked until I got one from here. There's is a very reliable and well built AIO. Just get on their email list and buy one as soon as you get an email as they sell out in hours usually.


Carbon_Rob   Oct 12, 2017  

You should post a picture of your quad wall!

Charles Hidalgo   Oct 12, 2017 

Don't really have a quad wall but I have a dedicated 1200sq ft shop where I build AP rigs , and Fpv planes/wings... I gues I should round the minis up.. probably have 75-100 at any given time.

Carbon_Rob   Oct 13, 2017 

Wow! That's a hell of a collection!

Charles Hidalgo   Oct 15, 2017 

I tried to post some of my collection but it was immediately taken down. Sorry guys.

Tramol   Oct 11, 2017  

what's the plan for antenna mounting?

Charles Hidalgo   Oct 11, 2017 

It's a linear that's under the left rear arm.

Charles Hidalgo   Oct 11, 2017 

And the rx antennas are in forever tubes for no carbon contact behind each rear arm.

thumbtwiddler   Oct 11, 2017  


Charles Hidalgo   Oct 11, 2017 

This is s pre productions frame.

thumbtwiddler   Oct 11, 2017 

im still excited tho

Nanonipples   Oct 11, 2017  

Damn this is sexy. Cut up any batteries with those sharp props yet? :P

Charles Hidalgo   Oct 11, 2017 

Not yet but that is My main concern about this frame. A good pad and dual straps really helps though.

Charles Hidalgo   Oct 11, 2017 

Not yet but that is My main concern about this frame. A good pad and dual straps really helps though.

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