By volitant on Oct 08, 2017

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Had to build a winter indoor/garden flyer and this is what I ended up with!

Before building I was very sceptical about the performance especially with such tiny props, I had two brushed nano's a long while back and they were ok but but very sloppy flyers no matter how I tuned and always had terrible flight times as well as swinging larger props, But was completely blown away by how this guy handled and the power it delivered!

No prop guards but it is so locked in compared to any brushed I've flown they're barely needed indoors and with turtle mode you can almost always flip over indoors and often even in grass too.

Old batteries in video haven't received any yet

worlds smallest drone to carry a gopro? just shows how powerfully this tiny guy is!



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blmk   Jun 05, 2018  

i wanted to ask you about how to flash the new firmware on to the super_s F3 Fc and get it into ddu mode i dont know how to do it and i cant find any tuturials.

TrickyHed   Oct 12, 2017  

Awesome build. Looks like lots of fun. What frame is that?

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TrickyHed   Oct 12, 2017 

Thanks for answer. Didnt know armattan made custom frames, or do you work there?

volitant   Oct 13, 2017 

armattan productions is a carbon cutting service where you can submit your own frame designs and have the cut for a quoted price, you should check out their site https://www.armattanproductions.com/

TrickyHed   Oct 14, 2017 

Thanks. Didn't know that. I will absolutely check it out. Even though I dont have a frame design of my own

Shmtt   Oct 13, 2017  

What about a reciever? Is it already built in?

volitant   Oct 13, 2017 

I'm using the flysky fs82 receiver, it weighs 1.5g, im not sure of the exact dimension but it fits between the stand offs in the middle the fc and camera

oneilsh   Oct 11, 2017  

This looks like fun! Is there a frame you'd suggest from banggood? What kind of antenna is that on the VTX?

volitant   Oct 11, 2017 

It really is a load of fun, great punch for its size! its just a whip dipole antenna I replaced with as its far more durable and lighter, I think you could use the bottom plate and possibly the prop guards if you want from this kit https://www.banggood.com/WQ65-Standard-Version-65mm-Mini-Carbon-Fiber-Frame-Kit-for-FPV-Racer-p-1138085.html?rmmds=myorder and maybe this camera mounthttps://www.banggood.com/RJX-16x16mm-Micro-FPV-Camera-Holder-Protective-Cover-for-F3-Mini-STM32F3-TinyFish-Racewhoop-p-1208574.html?rmmds=myorder

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