Mode 2 - Stiletto 5"

By AvdS on Oct 08, 2017

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The stiletto is a 3" frame made by mode 2, they made a few one in 5", it is a perfect X of 200mm that only use 20x20mm board. I got lucky enough the get one of them, it makes a clean, light and powerfull quad.

If you like this frame let Mode2 know, if enough people ask for it they will start producing it.

The building process : in order to have enough power getting in the esc I have a wire going trough the whole of the power pad of the esc that allow the electricity to come on both the top and bottom pad as shown in this video It also allow the power cable to be fixed well as it is easy to brake the soldering pad of these esc if you pull a bit on the cable.
Then I burned the vtx03 as it takes only 5v and the vtx power is 12v on the fc. To have a clean video feed I have solder the next vtx03 on the 5v of the camera, with the camera as the other 5v output generate noise in the video.
Configuration was strait forward.

The flying caracteristics are very good, lots of power, no propwash and it feels very precise and very smooth, I pushed the P at 70 on both roll and pitch. That said it is really a 4s quad, on 3s it feels a bit sluggish. I don't know if it's the frame or the fc or the motor but it makes a great flying quad, way, way better than my furibee fuuton.



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slodsm   Nov 14, 2017  

That's a great looking build man, it's a shame they only made a few 5". I like the style of the frame so much I'm tempted to pick up one of the remaining 3" frames off RDQ just to build later.

AvdS   Nov 19, 2017 

Thanks, you should ask mode2 for the 5" stiletto, if enough people ask they will do a batch, and then I would get a second one because I love it too much :-)

AvdS   Nov 26, 2017 

Oh buy the way mode 2 told me that they are going to produce the stiletto 5" so it will be soon available

Hazrul   Nov 15, 2017  

Great looking build there. If I may ask how do you get the led to work?have a similar stack but can't get the led to work after trying so many things, setup in BF, adding diode, different leds, mapping but failed. Buzzer is working though. Sbus xm+ rx.

AvdS   Nov 19, 2017 

Thanks, for the led I did nothing special, I have just configured them like on any other fc. Maybe upgrade or downgrade your firmware but if it doesn't work your fc might be faulty.

Xudus   Oct 08, 2017  

You forgot to include the motors!

Nice and clean! How do you like the HGLRC stack? I've had my eye on it but I'm a bit skeptical of the 4-in-1 28a ESC. Do you notice any noise or twitching?

AvdS   Oct 08, 2017 

I did include the motor, it is weird that they don't appear. It is the rcx 2206. I went for the f428 without much expectation but iy work perfectly, no twitch, no flip of death, it delivers all the power those hungry motor ask for. Actually it works way better than my holybro kakute f3 I am really impressed.

Xudus   Oct 08, 2017 

Great! I think I'll finally give them a try then. Thanks for helping me decide.

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