By Sky on Oct 05, 2017

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Available now at www.boxoprops.com!!!

This is he very first Zypher build. The frame was designed by myself and tested heavily leading up to MultiGP Nationals 2017. It won me $200 at Drones In The Desert prior to that, as well as a few local races. I ended up placing 29th in the Nation at MultiGP Nationals thanks to this frame's ability to protect my components, and fly smooth and predictably. Because I was no longer afraid of breaking arms, tearing motor wires, and wreaking havoc on the metal gates and concrete, I was able to fly with confidence in an environment that claimed the titles of many excellent pilots.

If you've never tried a Z style frame, this is the one to get. It's simple, builds easily, and flies like a dream. It's also got some tricks up its sleeves. The flight controller mounting has been moved back just a tad. This not only gives you more room for your camera, but also moves your gyro out of the inevitable epicenter of motor noise that lies at the center of all frames. Between this and raised back props, you can expect an extremely predictable and smooth flying quad every time you build out this frame.

Frame Specifics:

  • 5mm carbon
  • Weighs 81g
  • supports 22xx motors
  • standard 30.5 FC mounting
  • supports runcam mini/micro
  • extra material to protect motor bases



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RC Ruckus   Dec 10, 2020  

So I'm not sure if this is still available, but i was looking to get one. Can you add 20x20 and 25x25 mounting?

Koray__   Jun 14, 2018  

If only it could fit a full size camera. Almost bought one (building from spare parts for no reason and it's all I had)

Franky Drones   Apr 10, 2018  

I have one of you Zyphers and so far, I like the ruggedness of the frame

Sky   Apr 10, 2018 

Glad to hear!

Carbon_Rob   Oct 07, 2017  

I'm in love with the split level design! I have one already https://rotorbuilds.com/build/4639 but I really like the design of your frame! Two questions. Have you ever bent the standoffs, and what is the lead time to get one??

Sky   Oct 07, 2017 

Same! After my first one I've always come back to split. They fly so nice! I'm doing USPS 2-5 day shipping. Also trying to maintain next day shipping on weekdays

Franky Drones   Apr 10, 2018 

Get a zypher, ditch the cheep Xy frame its worth it

EnemyAce   Dec 15, 2017  

That's a wicked looking quad, brother.

Sky   Dec 18, 2017 

Thanks :) I have been having way too much fun with it!

Hagbard   Oct 06, 2017  

Really nice frame... couldn't resist ;-)

jeffsend   Oct 06, 2017  

Man,this one is really eye catching! It looks simple and tough,which appeals to me. I already purchased another race frame for my first serious racer,but now I want this one too lol. Loved the shot of it all covered in dust!

Sky   Oct 06, 2017 

Definitely the toughest quad I've ever flown! And that's one of my favorite pics too haha :D

RocketSquidFPV   Oct 05, 2017  

Looks scary fast.

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