By JosephKing on Aug 07, 2015

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S500 quadcopter:

I built this quad with aerial photography in mind. I love taking pictures. I've had a couple parrot bebops and a dji f450,this is by far the best combo I've had.

S500 Quadcopter hover:

S500 Quadcopter flight dji naza v2:

Getting around 9 minutes of actual flying time.



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Whiffles   Aug 08, 2015  

How did the links not work? Can you give me one or two here in a comment so I can test them on the system.

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JosephKing   Aug 09, 2015 

Hahahahah yeah probably shouldnt lol

JosephKing   Sep 09, 2015 

Actually sold this quad yesterday. Definitely going to need some advice for the next one. I'll create a build on what I've got so far.

Whiffles   Sep 09, 2015 

Hope you got a good price for it! What sort of build do you want to do next?

Whiffles   Aug 17, 2015  

I noticed you added a couple new photos. Any changes? I really need to figure out a way to mount my battery like that. Do you think a velcro strap would hold it under the belly?

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JosephKing   Aug 18, 2015 

Wanted to see if I could that instead of the led lights but of course it doesn't work In daytime..

Whiffles   Aug 18, 2015 

Aha, I still need to wire up my LEDs. They're still in my tool box. Maybe once I've got my rig flying the way I want I can focus on the details.

JosephKing   Aug 18, 2015 

Exactly. I've just been messing around with mine

Whiffles   Aug 10, 2015  

Might be good to get the batteries, camera, and other accessories listed on the part list as well.

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JosephKing   Aug 10, 2015 

I don't remember exactly but around 1700 grams

JosephKing   Aug 10, 2015 

I'm experimenting with props this week. I'm using 1145 right now

caphead   Aug 11, 2015 

heck fly that thing till 3.5v /cell I regularly go to about 3.5v -3.4v

johnslims   Aug 10, 2015  

Nice job.

JosephKing   Aug 10, 2015 

Thank you

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