55gAUW 2s Brushless Micro

By JakubFPV on Sep 23, 2017

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I didn't think of a nice name for the quad, so I can listen for suggestions :D !

About the build, it's an ultralight 2s brushless micro, what makes it special is the Runcam Micro.
The FC has an integrated frsky receiver, the 5v pololu is used to power the vtx and the camera.
Drill the kingkong props with 1.45 drill bit and fit carefully on the motors. Attach lipo with a rubber band. And RIP!



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StickyRice   Sep 26, 2018  

whats your flight time?

StickyRice   Sep 02, 2018  

ohh one last, does it drift? i mean like in trying tight turns, does it take more effort to get a tight turn around soemthing liek a tree or its easy?

JakubFPV   Sep 02, 2018 

It doesnt drift at all compared to larger quads, because its so light it can turnaround basically instantly

StickyRice   Aug 31, 2018  

whats your throttle percent when hovering....is it like 35-40% or 40% and higher?

StickyRice   Aug 31, 2018 

i was just planning to get this same setup but people were arguing with me about 8000kv and 10000kv. And i would probably choose the mtoor with the smoother throttle range

JakubFPV   Sep 01, 2018 

I think its maybe 30%? Im not really sure but the quad has definitely enough power. Honestly I didnt try 10000 but I suppose there is not that much difference, Im running small light lipos, so the lower kv gives my a better flight time, and the quad still has more than enough punch being so light.
So I guess you can choose either, probably a coin toss is a good enough method to decide :D

StickyRice   Sep 01, 2018 

ikr yours looks soo beautiful hahah. Told my friend it looks like the ferrari's of quads hahah. And its soo lightweight. Im starting making my own frame (because rotorious doesnt ship here :( ) almost the same parts too~ thanks for the reply!!

eatkabab   Dec 25, 2017  

This is a great build. So much lighter than I expected too. Are the KK props a lot better than the ladybird 56mm props? How do you think 0705 15,000kv Sunny Sky on the ladybird prop would compare to 1103 8000kv on 2S and the KK 65mm?

JakubFPV   Dec 27, 2017 

I must say I don't have any experience with 0705 motors, I have one set lying around waiting for me to try them :D The setup sound nice though, with a light build I'm sure it would fly awesome. I think I will have to try it too

CesiumSalami   Sep 24, 2017  

Fantastic!! Those KK props are BY FAR the best prop for this combo... If only they re-made a set compatible with prop screws so I could give my poor fingers a break :)

JakubFPV   Sep 24, 2017 

I agree!!

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