Brushless whoop

By zelwake on Oct 18, 2017

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Trying to build brushless whoop for winter because why not.
Motors will be 12000kv version. Already has rx. No idea about batteries. Added in some "training" props. Also probably will need either charger (USB one?) or buy/make para charging board/cable.

Update1: BG no longer ship batteries to Czech so HK nanotechs are like only option. Found some charger on bg, see if it works or not, can remake it into para board if anything fails.

Update2: Switched to 12000kv for less power. Everything is ordered (apart from batteries which will come fast anyway). 4 weeks of waiting starting now (25.9.2017)

Build done

Update3: Pictures shows progress of building. First was desoldering esc and adding wires from fc and for battery. Then getting the frame together with camera standoffs. After that was screwing motors in place and soldering (copper!) wires to esc. After that soldered rx and aio in place and adding props.
Batteries are still somewhere on post office so can't test it (yet). Flashed with bf 3.2.1 waiting to rock around.

Thing flies

Update4: Finally resolved all issues and made it to fly. 33 grams of pure awesomeness. You can see the result here:



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baevans11   Oct 03, 2018  

I see you used the rakon frame but did you buy it from Rakon? They seem to have 2 different frames one says it's for 703 and one says it's for 703 and 603. The link on yours is to rakons site but the sell the 703 at helination. I'm trying to figure out the difference because rakons shipping is crazy slow. Thanks.

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baevans11   Oct 03, 2018 

Awesome thx!

baevans11   Oct 04, 2018 

So in your opinion are 703 motors better for this than 603? And do the 703s perform well on the lipo you used?

zelwake   Oct 04, 2018 

it was based on the info and stuff i could get almost a year ago, things definitely changed now
as to lipo performance, i only had qx90 (the original version) to compare it and they were kinda similar, just this one had far shorter flight times (230 vs 500mah). Probably wont survive any wind but flew it even in school and it did great

memphian   Dec 17, 2017  

Seems that Flight controller is no longer in stock. Anyone else sell it?

dcal420   Dec 06, 2017  

Where did you get those esc/fc mounts? Do they come with the RKH kit? I just ordered mine and want to have everything I need to assemble when it comes, if you have a list of hardware required it would be super helpful, this will be my first build.

zelwake   Dec 07, 2017 

initially i bought them separatedly (and had them listed here) but as it turned out, they are included in the main box with frame so I removed them since it was unnecessary purchase.

EnemyAce   Oct 26, 2017  

How do you think 10000KV motors would work on a build like this?

zelwake   Oct 27, 2017 

actually not sure. Although I had to order 10k kv motor because i managed to strip one wire off one motor and another one wasnt working. But i believe it will fly more than well (atleast in my small place). Friend is going with DYS motors (also 10k kv but with 2s)

Recklessford   Nov 21, 2017 

I have the 10000KV on the Rakonheli frame and they are underpowered. 10000kv are great with 40mm props but are not enough for the 31mm props on the Rakonheli. I'd recommend the 15000kv motors with the 31mm props

zelwake   Dec 01, 2017 

actually, three motors are 12000 kv while fourth is 10000 kv, so they should all act as 10000kv motors. Fly more than well inside my room and also in bigger spaces, most likely wont cut it outside but its not meant for flying outside

brybell   Nov 17, 2017  

What motors would you use if you were going for 2s?

zelwake   Nov 20, 2017 

not sure, 10000kv should feel like 20000 kv on 1s so probably 12000 or 15000 ones, to get some better weight trust ratio

brybell   Nov 20, 2017 

Hmmm, ok. I got some 10,000kv ones so we will see how they work. I am a noob, could you go into more detail about the weight to thrust ratio and what exactly you meant about feeling like 20000kv on 1s. What would it 'feel' like on 2s? Thanks!!

zelwake   Dec 01, 2017 

weight to thrust should be around 2:1 i guess, maybe 1,5:1 (it weights 33grams, one motor should make 15g thrust, 60g in total with 56mmx1mm 2 blade)
as for 10000kv on 2s feeling like 20000kv on 1s, with double the cells, you are getting aproximately double the kv, just sag should be more noticeable on 1s

Amorthi   Oct 19, 2017  

I dont need it....

delta_fpv   Nov 06, 2017 

dont buy it then

flowwithchaos   Oct 19, 2017  

nice work! whats the weight?

zelwake   Oct 27, 2017 

thank you! 26g without battery, 32g with

Torch007   Oct 19, 2017  

Love this build. Looking for something this winter to fly indoors.

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