XY215 Split Level Frame

By braberFPV on Sep 19, 2017

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When I saw a frame with this type of design some time ago, I was immediately fascinated by it, but did not like it enough to buy it. Then I found this frame at Bandgood. It is a more sleek design then the Realacc and the GepRC ones, it is a lower profile and lighter. This was the frame I was waiting for. The carbon is 3,5mm thick but still feels very solid. I designed arm protectors and an antenna mount for it.
This is my first build with 32 bits ESC's and an F4 processor. Also the fist time I used the Matek TX. All in all it is a very good flying machine. Maybe the downwards faces rear motors do help with that. It flies very smooth and precise.
The motors could have had a bit more punch.
My idea was that with two motors facing downward it must always be possible to flip it straight up after a crash. But I have not tested that yet.

Update 04-06-2018:
I added TPU camera protection and published the 3D printed parts on Thingiverse

Update 24-09-2017: I have decided to swap the orientation of the two rear motor. The quad had a bit short fly time. and the motors got a bit warm. The quad was f;lying very smooth though but missed sharpness. I thought it where the Hobbyking motors but now I have moved their location, it is an absolute beast.



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cyrex   Jun 07, 2018  

Got your stuff printed (didn't print it myself). Fits perfectly. The mounting holes were mirrored but nothing what an exacto knife couldn't fix.

The camera mounts came up not so well. I think i need to get them reprinted.

cyrex   May 27, 2018  

Would you consider sharing the 3D printed parts for this frame? I'm interested in the arm protectors and the antenna mount. Maybe you can share it on thingiverse?


Jodie Froster   Sep 20, 2017  

I thought the big idea with the split-lvl frame was that the rear props were out of the "dirty" air off the front props by being elevated? haven't you got them below your front props by putting them on the underside like that?

braberFPV   Sep 20, 2017 

Yes I know that was the idea but I thought it would be compensated by not getting bounced air from arms being in the air flow. Anyhow it is flying very smooth with very little propwash so something must be right.
And It looks different for sure.

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