By Carbon_Rob on Sep 12, 2017

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HD recording via the split with no props in the image. 2205 2550kv spinning 5" props. 244g dry, 393 AUW with a 1300mah lipo.

It took some time to design and build, but it was worth it. The camera is up high so the props aren't in the image. The 20x20 components and the receiver are tucked under the split's board. The vtx is mounted to the top of it, and the 5v regulator is mounted to the back of the camera. It was a another level of tight for me.

The current sensor on the pdb is functional, and is wired to the fc. I've calibrated it and the value you want for scaling is 210. I really like this little flight controller, it works great, is easy to tune, and has the Betaflight OSD. I've also wired it to the split in hopes that future releases of Betaflight will support changing the camera settings via the osd.

Originally it had Hyperlite floss 2204 3022kv motors, but they were too much for the little escs, and 1 burned. The split needs impeccable 5v power, hence the giant capacitor. It was originally powered by the pdb, which supposedly has a 5v 2a regulator, but it kept shutting down during flight. This setup has been really reliable and surprisingly good in crashes on https://rotorbuilds.com/build/6606

The frame's main plate is hand cut 4mm carbon made to fit the Hyperlite floss arms.

This thing will be great for recording laps, or everyday freestyle. It's blisteringly fast and exceptionally efficient (5-7 minute flight times). I continue to be impressed at how well ultralight builds hold up in crashes, just not as much force on the quad when it slams.



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IvanNik   Nov 19, 2017  

Great build !!
What size of standoffs do you use 40 or 45mm?

Carbon_Rob   Nov 19, 2017 

The green standoffs are 25mm and there are some little black ones under the runcam board that are 5mm I think.

IvanNik   Nov 19, 2017 

Are you sure? I know that runcam board is 30.5 between mounting holes. It looks like green standoffs are little bigger then this distance. Probably green standoffs are 35mm?

Carbon_Rob   Nov 20, 2017 

Yeah probably 35mm. I think that size is standard in a lot of kits.

Jodie Froster   Sep 14, 2017  

How did you mount your FC/ESC's to the split board? I'm considering the same archatecture and not sure what to use for a bracket there.

Carbon_Rob   Sep 14, 2017 

I used double sided tape to mount the pdb, fc, and receiver to the bottom of the split. It has individual escs on the arms. Honestly, the 20x20 components under the split can't really go anywhere and the tape is kind of redundant.

Jodie Froster   Sep 17, 2017 

Are they all held together in a stack with something, or is there a piece of double sided tape inbetween each of them?

Carbon_Rob   Sep 17, 2017 

Tape between them.

Carbon_Rob   Sep 12, 2017  

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