Cheerson CX-20

By cyberdyne systems 101 on Aug 03, 2015

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This is a mildly updgraded/modified open source Cheerson CX-20 Quad. Please note I paid £197 back in May 15.

I've carried out a landing gear mod, the original has rubber feet and a curved edge, so tip overs are quite easy. In fact I only ever had the issue once, but I failed to stop the motors in time and burnt out an ESC! I've simply used some fibre tubes I got out of a £1 garden windmill and cut them down, cut a groove in the landing gear and zip tied them in, simple but effective!

Other things I added have been telemetry, a PM and XiaoMi Yi camera with a screw on mount. The props are now 9443's balanced with a double threaded balancing rod. I aim to add a gimbal and then use 9450 props to gain extra lift.

I use an OTG cable to run tower on my mobile, and have a DJI style mount on the tx to hold it.

Now fitted a GLB 3 axis gimbal with STorM32 board, and a set of genuine DJI 9450 props!

Just added F450 legs to raise the quad up.



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Whiffles   Aug 30, 2015  

How's the rig doing? Still flying without a gimbal?

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Whiffles   Sep 04, 2015 

Yep, don't let that deter you.

cyberdyne systems 101   Sep 06, 2015 

Well I've read the whole thread, watched videos, nearly finished the wiki, even given advice about setup lol. Yeah I'm pretty sold on this gimbal! Going on the Xmas list.

I flew the quad with stock props and no camera yesterday, wow did it fly good, so smooth, was able to move it so slowly through the air, and loiter was a dream, no wind and no weight was awesome!

Whiffles   Sep 06, 2015 

Great! Just be careful with it. Any crash will require some sort of repair work, so be sure to hone your flying skills in the mean time!

Whiffles   Aug 03, 2015  

Nice action shot!

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Whiffles   Aug 03, 2015 

I love the open design of the F450 compared to the CX-20, but there are other options out there. The S500 is an appealing frame.

cyberdyne systems 101   Aug 04, 2015 

What's the difference between an F450 and S500, is it just the size?

JosephKing   Aug 09, 2015 

The s500 has dihedral arms like the s800 evo.

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