Xlabs Shrike 200 v2 - revival

By Cheredanine on Sep 08, 2017

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Ok so I was sent the flight controller by airbot to test. It is interesting because it has pads for everything from the esc on each corner, including telemetry. Also because the gyro is soft mounted, removing any need to soft mount the flight controller.

For those of us that can recall the dim and distant past of last year, the shrike was a very popular frame, its popularity waned a little due to two things I think; firstly because this hobby operates on hype, and new stuff came along. Secondly because the flight controller mounts to the frame standoffs, you can't really soft mount it.

Bearing in mind the latter point, I thought this would be a good test of the flight controller. I set the escs to 48khz pwm and ran dshot1200 with dynamic filters

I have tested with the following on the osd:
Amp draw and mah consumed from the escs
Motor rpm
Esc temperature

They are all pretty neat, they are coming off mind, don't need the distraction on the osd, but may be useful for bb logs.

The fc works exceptionally well. The thing flies very smoothly. Although 48khz on the escs undoubtedly helps. You need to be a bit careful with the + wires from the escs, the pads are right next to the standoffs, not a problem normally but on a frame like this with metal standoffs just be careful of shorts.

As above, blheli32 running dshot1200 at 48khz is always good

A word on the motors - I really like them generally, but on top of the goodness of brother hobbys latest and greatest, everyone seems to go for the deadpool variant, maybe because deadpool is just a cool character, but probably because in the publicity photos they look goooood and the red hulk just look naff. This is not the case, all store/publicity shots of the redhulks I have seen are off colour, frequently looking bright scarlet. The red hulks are a far richer, more metallic colour irl.

The build could probably use a cap to clean up the video, getting slight prop lines in the fpv,


Part List


xLabs Shrike-200 v2
See Site

Flight Controller

OMNIBUS F4 Pro Corner v1.1 (2 builds)


4 x Little Bee Summer 30A Small BLHeli_32 ESC with Current Sensor (2-4S) (2 builds)
See Site


4 x Returner R5 2306 2450kv Motor - Red Hulk
See Site


Gemfan Flash 5152S-3 Props (2x CW + 2x CCW) - Clear
See Site

FPV Camera

RunCam Swift Mini - Black
See Site

FPV Transmitter

TBS Unify Pro HV Race (10 builds)
See Site


TBS Triumph 5.8GHz FPV Antennae (3 builds)
See Site


FrSKY XSR Receiver (3 builds)
See Site


Tattu R-Line 95C 1300mAh 4s 14.8V Li-Po Battery (6 builds)
See Site

Misc Parts

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