Raceflight@8KHz / Multishot@4KHz - Canis Minor 4" Prototype

By 32bitsofGil on May 31, 2016

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This build capitalizes on the speed of a lightweight racer, with the agility and responsiveness of a 4" Raceflight aircraft. Using 4" DAL tri-blades on this will pull a large amount of current, but the 20a seems to be taking the abuse. (I would recommend 30a, with a F390 chip)

This is a prototype frame at the moment and is the very first version. We are working on an updated version, but with the frame being as light and agile as it is, I don't think I'll be upgrading any time soon.


Part List


Flynoceros (4 builds)

Flight Controller

OpenPilot CC3D Revolution (Revo) 32bit F4 Based Flight Controller w/Integrated 433Mhz OPLink (3 builds)


4 x Flynoceros (4 builds)


4 x EMAX RS2205 2600KV Race Spec (Red Bottoms)

FPV Camera

Flynoceros (4 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Angry Beez - Hawkeye 32ch 200 mw 5.8 GHz Mini VTX


FrSKY Naked X4R-SB Receiver (19 builds)
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alias.tdp   May 31, 2016  

What firmware are you running on the Revolution board?

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alias.tdp   Jun 01, 2016 

Interesting, I've been trying to test Raceflight on my revolution but I can't get it to connect to the configurator after flashing. I gave up for now but I may revisit it seeing that yours works. How does it fly compared to OP or librepilot (assuming you've used one of those before Raceflight)

32bitsofGil   Jun 02, 2016 

I used OP when the CC3D was still a thing. OP is trash, just complete garbage when compared to a well tuned Raceflight machine. It helps to pair with the right ESCs running multishot. If you have trouble connecting to the COM port it's probably a driver related issue. I knew I had a few problems like that when I flashed mine because it actually produces two interfaces that accept separate drivers.

It's totally worth it though.

alias.tdp   Jun 03, 2016 

Interesting. Even with zigdag drivers installed and the revo in DFU mode, Raceflight still hangs on "erasing board". When I flash the board using the OP bootloader method, Raceflight fails to connect to the board after the firmware is installed. Not sure what im doing wrong but hopefully I can figure it out soon so i can try RF for myself. Thanks for the info.

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