Fools Gold 210

By ElFreezo on Aug 20, 2017

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Inspired by u/uavfutures, I've set out to build yet another $99 quad, this time with a look that would make Edward Cullen jealous.

This being my first ground-up build I had to use every resource available to put Goldy together in the least smoky fashion. H/T to UAVFutures, Oscar Liang, the Propwashed crew, Bardwell, and the immortal Project Blue Falcon. Without their expertise the hidden obstacles and pitfalls in a build like this would be enough to turn everyone away but the most stubborn builders.

2 takeaways, from this build:

  • The Omnibus F4 Pro Power-In wire routing was tricky, not sure it was worth the tangle of wires and solder pads to get the current sensor to work, but it felt like a great achievement getting it to work without anything burning up.
  • Don't pot any solder connections with hot glue until you have everything together and sorted. After wiring up my ESC's to the FC and testing the motors (with a SmokeStopper (TM)) I discovered the #1 & #3 motors were turning the wrong way. Positive I followed the wiring diagram supplied by RacerStar I had potted all connections. Well, it takes a while to clean everything off enough with a blade, not to mention breaking and re-soldering the connections. Time that could've been dedicated to other pursuits...

It looks good on the bench, lipos are charged, maiden later today!

Post maiden report:
Flys pretty well, hell of a lot more power than what I was used to with the ARFs I've flown. PID tuning went OK, but ultimately ended the day, after 5 packs, when tuning roll. Rolled over into the ground from about 8 feet up, heard something pop on impact. Screws in the standoffs stripped out, the ones included with the kit are pretty short, and there was a little crack in the top plate. Quick fix there, nothing else seems like it broke. Motor test OK, VTX and camera still functioning.

Other issues:

  • FPV camera seemed pretty cheesy, dull, fuzzy picture even when compared to the AIO cam I can on my whoop. Could be the mounting technique I used screwing the flex mount to the front plate. As the plate is just slotted into the frame it vibrates quite a bit, hot glue will be an addition upon reassembly.
  • More seriously, ESC calibration was off causing motors to spin up at different rates from low throttle. This lead to some wheels off flying after high speed climbs. I tested this high enough from the deck that it never lead to a big impact, but this will need to be sorted out. Also noticed that motors wouldn't get to speed until ~40% throttle, making take-offs fairly interesting.

Overall pretty happy with the build, I'd recommend a better camera, and a different RX antenna mounting style. Happy flying!



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asatwik218   Oct 14, 2018  

i am not able to mount the camera not screwa came with it and zip tieing it down is not possible

ElFreezo   Oct 15, 2018 

I used something like this:

Then I drilled some holes in that camera plate at the front to screw the mount to. After you get things buttoned-up I would recomend putting some hot glue in the slots that that face plate goes into in order to keep the camera steady.

JC250   Aug 22, 2017  

Try hot gluing the camera to the bottom plate, than zip tie it down to the frame. It worked on an old zmr250 i have

ElFreezo   Aug 23, 2017 

I did just that, thanks for the tip!

UnderDawg   Aug 20, 2017  

$523.00 for 4 ounces of glitter? I think you named it

ElFreezo   Aug 20, 2017 

It fluctuates with the market... Stew never mentioned how fast this thing is, my god it was fun.

JC250   Aug 22, 2017 

Try hot gluing the camera to the bottom plate, than ziptie it down to the frame. than zipting

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