By @variantworkshop on Sep 02, 2017

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My First Build: RCX-X130

The purpose behind it

I've only recently transitioned into the brushless world after being sucked in by the recent tiny whoop phenomenon. Being that I live in a relatively populated area, space is tight, so I wanted my first build to be micro. I basically just went out on a limb and made my best judgements based on what looked interesting. I'm excited to see how this turns out! Being that I am still in the learning stages, weight and elite performance are not primary concerns, although I am doing my best to adhere to general principles. My goal in this is to enjoy another facet of the hobby and feel that validation when something I built myself functions and can be enjoyed. Here it goes...

Update 8/15/17: the Runcam Eagle I purchased is huge! I don't think there is a way to use the canopy and the camera together. I don't really want to purchase another Runcam, so I am looking for ideas to keep the Runcam safe. Any ideas?

Update 8/20/17: I was able to fit the Runcam into the canopy. Everything is soldered up and I am waiting on two wires. One for the Lemon RX and one for the Runcam to VTX. Both were extremely long prompting me to order shorter ones.

Udpate 8/27/17: For the most part the, the quad is complete. I am still waiting on a cable to connect the Runcam to the VTX, but other than that, she's good to go. I hover tested the quad and did a little LOS flight earlier and I'm happy to say my first build looks to be a success!!

Update 8/31/17: I couldn't find a JST connection to work with the VTX connection so despite my apprehension, I direct soldered the connection to the board and I'm happy to say it came out clean and works well. This build is done!!

Update 9/2/17: SPICY sebastian is wrecked!! First pack out, VTX signal drops, no choice but failsafe, straight into asphalt. We will rebuild!!!!



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UnderDawg   Aug 19, 2017  

It seems to me I've seen a 3D printed canopy for this frame... That might give you enough flexibility to fit your camera.

@variantworkshop   Aug 20, 2017 

I actually was able to use the inlcuded canopy after all. I just had to fit an O ring on either side of the camera to allow for a bit of friction to negate movement while flying. Thank you, though!

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