SMQ 5" 001

By sloth on Sep 20, 2017

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SMQ Just released their first frame and I had the pleasure of working with them on the design and development of the pod. This is simply a low cost build to test the frame. The focus of the POD design was to really be unique in a constantly turning world. The angular design frees up lots of internal space for components and provides rigidity allowing us to go with a thinner wall thickness.

Pod Design

This Pod is design to fit a compact build. Mounting holes are a standard 30.5x30.5mm and there is room for a 4-in1 ESC, FC, Mini/Micro Camera and compact VTx (VTX03, DYS Mi200 or TBS Unify v2 for example). On the inside of the pod you snap in 3 nuts and you can easily screw to pod to the frames main plate. The sides have easy access for the motor wires and FC slot for the USB. With the design it's really focused around using SmartAudio to VTx switching.

The design allows for a camera angle from 30-60+deg (it's a bit dependant on lens size)
Using a 17mm or smaller strap, your GoPro or Runcam will strap directly on the top of the pod.

alt text


As mentioned I tried to keep this as a low cost test build. The motors are cheap Racerstar 2205's, they're 2600kv but are said to perform more like a 2400kv. Racerstar 30A 4in1 ESC, Raceflight Revolt v2 FC, VTX03 and Foxeer Arrow Mini Camera.

I'd say that the Racerstar motors wires are just a hair too short for this build. It worked but there is tension there that I'm sure will bite me.
Also I plan to swap the blue housing with a white one once my printer plays nice.

One note to point out with the frame is that it's a 16x16mm motor mount. All of my motors were 16x19mm so I'm running just 2 screws and thread lock for now. It's not the end of the world, it should be ok, just something to pay attention too.

Overall the build comes in at 222g without the battery

Update: I've swapped the Racerstar motors for some RMRC 2205 2600kv.

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text



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FlyingSquirrelFPV   Jan 30, 2018  

How do you like silver line motors? I have some I am going to use on a build.

Slarrty   Sep 27, 2017  

I noticed that top pod was 3d printed, when will a top pod be mad with non 3d printed stuff be available?

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Slarrty   Sep 28, 2017 

thanks, also are there any or carbon pieces in the shell? Because i noticed that if i had a hard crash upside down in concrete that top pod would probably break if it was just plastic, or am i wrong?

sloth   Sep 28, 2017 

It’s a TPU rubber. It seems to be holding up very well. I haven’t broken one yet.

Slarrty   Sep 28, 2017 

Thank you so much. It will probably be in my next build

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