Armattan Japalura 4"

By OzzyFPV on Jul 25, 2017

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This quad turned out AWESOME!! I managed to get a Split in there, along with a TBS Unify Pro HV and ia6c receiver. (Just about as much as you could fit in this quad).

I've silicone conformal coated all of the boards to shield from the morning dew/lakes. I couldn't source the "MG Chemicals Silicone Conformal Coating" everyone recommends using (out of stock for weeks), so I went with Electrolube's equivalent. It comes in a handy 15ml bottle with an applicator brush on the lid and is only ~$10 with free shipping from RS. I am yet to drown the quad, so I'm not sure about its performance, but specifications wise it should work perfectly. I'll Keep you updated.

Fitting the Split's main board into the Japalura was very easy due to the built in PDB of the CL Racing F4 FC, leaving plenty of room in the stack. However, I did need to add an additional micro BEC under the FC to power the Split that requires 5v 650mA. After a conversation with the board's creator, he (Cheng Lin) advised that "650ma is a bit too much on the 5V I have onboard. You can try to use the 5V near the led strip. But I don't know how reliable it is." So a uBEC it was. It is super small and fits nicely under the FC (I've foam taped it to the underside of the FC).

I've mounted the split so the wifi card can still be inserted and removed. Furthermore, there is enough room below the Split that allows me to "easily" remove it's SD card if needed, without taking the frame apart (which is many peoples concerns).

The Japalura frame is not designed for a mini FPV camera like the Split. The Split did come with an adaptor that made it fit, however, this positioned the camera's lens way too far back in the frame, which basically meant the view was more frame than anything else. I fixed this by designing and 3D printing a custom adaptor to position the camera so the lens is right at the front of the frame, while still being protected by the aluminum and CF. It's perfectly positioned now, with basically no frame visible in the FPV or in the HD recording. The props can be seen in the bottom corners of the feed, however, with a little more tilt they are out of view. The mount is available from

I've zip tied the TBS Unify Pro HV's SMA antenna connector through its two little holes onto the antenna holder of the Japalura. It holds well, time will tell.

Overall, for my first scratch quad build, it was a fun and tight build. I enjoyed it right through the design, assembling, reassembling, re-reassembling, re-re-reassembling, and final assembling process. More reassembling to come soon I'm sure after unintentional landings.

Happy Flying!


Part List


Japalura 4 [Colour: Silver] (13 builds)
See Site

Flight Controller

CL Racing F4 Flight Controller (33 builds)
See Site


4 x Wraith32 Mini ESC 25A Blheli32 2s - 6s (4 builds)
See Site


4 x Xnova Motor 1407 Multi Rotor Racing Motors (8 builds)
See Site


DALProp T4045 V2 Props
See Site

FPV Camera

RunCam Split with WIFI module FPV HD RunCam 3 Camera (61 builds)
See Site

FPV Transmitter

TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 HV - RACE (SMA) (2 builds)
See Site


Foxeer "Thor" 5.8G High Quality CP Antenna


Turnigy iA6C PPM/SBUS Receiver 8CH 2.4G AFHDS 2A Telemetry Receiver
See Site


Tattu 1050mAh 4s 75-150c Lipo Battery Pack (2 builds)
See Site

Misc Parts

Matek Micro BEC 5V/12V-ADJ
See Site

Misc Parts

Electrolube transparent 15 ml Can Conformal Coating for Solvent Thinner, -50 → +125 °C
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Badgerigar   Aug 03, 2017  

Hi mate, I have a near identical 3 inch build, but I'm struggling to fit the tramp and ia6c in there. I see you sandwiched your unify between the split and the reciever, does it get too hot in there?

OzzyFPV   Aug 04, 2017 


Yep its in there.
I'm running the unify off 7.6v from the pdb/fc and operating at 25mw Vtx power.

Having a low input voltage will make it run cooler and having a lower vtx power will also keep it cooler. Also im not using the vtx's onboard 5v output at all.

With this setup it does get warm but not hot enough to cause any problems (so far).

Im planning on designing a 3d printable mount to hold the unify and rx in place while increasing circulating airflow.
(I.e. less foam tape)

Cerberus81   Oct 29, 2017 

Any progress in creating that 3D printed mount for the vtx and rx?

OzzyFPV   Nov 01, 2017 

Sorry, haven't got there yet. Been swamped.
I am still planning to though, I'll post here when I do.

Arnotobus   Sep 01, 2017  

Hi, how much time do you fly with that setup ?

OzzyFPV   Sep 04, 2017 

Average around 5 mins. A bit less if I thrash it.

usernotfound   Jul 25, 2017  

Care to share the cam mount .stl? That looks way better than my solution!

OzzyFPV   Jul 26, 2017 

Sure thing.
Its available form here.

wr0ngway   Jul 25, 2017  

Nice build, would be interested in seeing some flight footage when you have it

OzzyFPV   Jul 25, 2017 

Thanks. Sure thing. I'll link some up as soon as I do.

Whiffles   Jul 25, 2017 

Does the frame get into the HD recording? I'd love to put a Split on a Japalura, but my concern is the FOV and the frame. It looks like you made some adjustments to push it as far forward as you could.

Whiffles   Jul 25, 2017 

Just read your description and it answered my question. Good work! The camera looks really well protected as well.

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