By volitant on Jul 22, 2017

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Kruizen   May 29, 2018  

I really like this frame and in particular, the weight. I'd rather use a pod for a camera on top so I don't see the props in view. I wanted to verify that this uses standard 30.5x30.5 mounting holes. I'd also like to use an HGLRC XJB stack - does this have M2 holes for the 20x20 stack, or will I have to use washers? I took a look at your Quattuor V2 on armattan productions and it says that it's "cut at 45 degrees with the carbon weave running down the arms and are far stiffer". I just wanted to verify that if I just buy the bottom plate that it will be cut at the same 45 degrees or will I need to get the entire kit to have it that way? Lastly, I've been flying a heavier frame (45gr and practically indestructable) and wanted your frame to save some weight (wanted to get my quad under 250gr but with a runcam split mini (the reason I can't use your top plate/camera mount). I'm currently at 250gr running rcINpower 1506 + HQ 4x4.3x3 V1S + XJB 25 + Piroflip 4S 700mAh + AIO cam/vtx + XT60 + xm+). How much more durable is the 4mm (34gr) versus the 3mm (28gr)? I'll have to ditch XT60 connectors if I need the 4mm and move to XT30. By the way, what 3-blade props are those in the picture above? Do you have a weight on them? I've found the HQ 4x4.3x3 V1S light enough to fit the torque curve on the 1506, but with a occasional flutter on rapid throttle changes (they put out over 900gr thrust on the 1506) - I'm always looking for decent alternative props (I've used the KK 4045s but they don't have the grip the V1S props do). Thanks for any advice you can offer.

volitant   May 29, 2018 

Hi there! and Thank you kindly! hopefully i can help here a little!

To begin with yes this frame has m3 holes so you will need to use m3 to m2 hole spacers such as these; https://www.rccrazed.com/accessories-build-hardware-m3-to-m2-stack-mount-adapter-5pcs-p-673.html

The top plate stand off holes are actually in the 30.5x30.5mm and can be used but the top plate will simply be attatched to the flight controller/pdb stand offs and is definitely far more recommended to use the 20x20 flight controller stack holes instead and the 30.5 holes for the top plate stand offs sperately. - sorry if thats a little confusing.

The bottom plates if ordered in a kit or seperately will always be cut at 45 degrees with the carbon weave parallel to the arm and personally if you are running the 1506 sized motors I would go with the 4mm version, the 3mm is just perfect for 1407 size/weight imo but if you are more likely to crash onto hard surfaces etc I'd say go with 4mm. if you mainly fly over grass etc then the 3mm will still suffice for your 1506 sized motors too.

Personally I'd just run the xt30 as they can handle far far more amps than "30" as described and have never melted or even seen one get hot but thats entirely up to you

Lastly the prop are tarot 4041 https://www.banggood.com/2-Pairs-Tarot-4041-3-Blade-CW-CCW-FPV-Racing-Propeller-Orange-Blue-Red-Yellow-Green-White-p-1167157.html?rmmds=search

They are good props and work very well on 1407, probably even better on your 1506 , they offer good grip and speed but are battery hogs and also often shatter in crashes they are 3.2g each.

Hope this helps, any more questions dont hesitate to ask!

Thanks again.

Kruizen   May 30, 2018 

Thanks for your detailed response. I've used XT30 in the past, but I didn't know if 1506 was too big for it. I'll go ahead and give them a try. Do you have a weight on just the base plates (both 3 & 4mm)?

volitant   May 31, 2018 

no problem! xt30 should be fine ive ran 1407 3600kv hq 4x4.3x3 and 5s 850mah through one with no signs of over heating.

yeah! 3mm is 19.5g and 4mm 25.5g

ACROBORG   Oct 26, 2017  

I've been on the hunt for the best 4" bi-blades. What are those in the photos, and how are they working for ya?

volitant   Oct 26, 2017 

ah sorry bud they are chopped down rk 5038 but they really didn't work well, Imo the best is hq 4045 non bull nose, if not the kingkong 4045 are almost identical in performance (just a little behind) but are by far the most durable props I have ever seen and are super cheap

zooksp   Jul 24, 2017  

In my experience RPMs in bench thrust tests only get up to about 50%-70% of the mathematical limit, and are likely even lower in-flight. The 4S thrust tests for these motors indicate about 35k RPM for a GF 4045 prop, so I'd be willing to guess that on 5S you're only getting up to about 42k RPM (Mach 0.67). If the tips were getting to about Mach 0.75 or Mach 0.8, you would start to know it. I doubt the props would handle the vibration well, but if they did the hum is very distinct, at least on full-size aircraft.

volitant   Jul 24, 2017 

Thanks for that! Still a crazy amount of rpm lol, they do go extremely high pitched on 5s but props would probably shatter if they went super sonic haha would be interesting to see

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