Deformation Insects 130mm

By volitant on May 03, 2016

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My first ever quadcopter build, all went smoothly and was easier than I thought it would be, maybe I just got lucky, Only been flying since about 2 months ago but completely hooked and been having a right blast with this little beast!

Just started using Betaflight, super expo, looptime 500, blheli timing set high , still needs a bit of tuning to do. But I'm really liking it so far.

Weighs in at 146g dry

  • 3s 950mah 230g + runcam2 279g
  • 4s 850mah 249g + runcam2 299g

I've had good result with HQ 3x3x4 and Dal 3045 triblade bullnose are good too and are tough although inefficient. rotorx 3040 are just too weak for me..



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SimonTA   Jan 31, 2021  

Hi Volitant --- I would be grateful if you could post the details of the receiver and transmitter that you used for this project.

SimonTA   Sep 12, 2019  

As you say .. lovely little beast! Incidentally what receiver (and transmitter) did you use on this project?

Mazda07   Aug 29, 2016  

Need help building a 130 with 1407 5000kv and 3x3x3 props can i run a 1000 4s i have some 1000mah 3s now but want that extra power currently building it

Whiffles   Aug 29, 2016 

Do 1407 5000kv motors exist? They're usually in the 3200kv - 3800kv range. Once you start getting into the 1000mah range for a 3" build you'll really start to weigh it down. Ideally you want a battery lighter than 80g to make it nimble enough.

volitant   Aug 31, 2016 

yeah they exist they are intended for 2s but they might work on 3s imo though they will just make a lot of heat..

Whiffles   Aug 31, 2016 

Aha! So in Mazda07's case 1000mah 4S definitely wouldn't suit his motors.

Mazda07   Aug 09, 2016  

What would be another good flight controller to use for this build

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Whiffles   Aug 09, 2016 

Do you need OSD, a current sensor, integrated PDB, 5v out?

Mazda07   Aug 09, 2016 

I am getting a seperate pdb

Mazda07   Aug 09, 2016 

Trying to keep cost at or under 150

Hehehheheh   Jul 01, 2016  

Are the 4000KV motors fine with 4s, or do you think 3300KV would be more suited?
Without the runcam you think it could handle a 1300Mah 4s?

volitant   Jul 12, 2016 

Sorry i took so long to reply, It really depends, the 3100kv will last much longer on 4s compared to 4000kv (gotta be carefull not overheating them) but i flew mine mainly in winter so it wasn't too harsh on them but the 3100kv version although a little slower are more efficient so better flight times.. And yes it can handle 1300mah 4s i flew mine with it a couple of times but although it flies fast it becomes very sluggish in the corners.. a 1300mah 4s will wear these motors fast..

Im now using the rcx 1407 3800kv with 1000mah 4s battery.. I might try the rcx 1707 3200kv and run 5s next.. that will be stupid quick let me tell you haha.. I should be uploading my latest 109mm build on here very soon!

Whiffles   May 04, 2016  

Wow, that Runcam looks huge on top of that little guy. How does it handle with all that weight?

volitant   May 04, 2016 

It really handles it well when you consider how big it is compared to it! I have even flown this little guy with an amk5000 (hero4 clone) camera weighing 78g, Im using the runcam with the battery but thinking of powering it off the flight battery to save another 15g (making the camera weigh only 30g, the cost of this can be as low $160 I reckon and seriously big performance from such a small machine!

I have crashed it so so so many times, so far the motors are holding up very well and have been abusing them with 4s continuously in combo with 3045 triblades.. I also wouldnt bother with 1306 3100kv the 4000kv are so much better in performance.

The deformation frames standoffs where a little on the thin side and I did bend them in a crash but replaced with slightly thicker ones and they have made all the difference, not noticed any damage yet.

The fpv cam can be swapped out for something better, I was just on the cheap ( and light weight ) side of things and the frame actually has holes in the right place to use the diatone minicam mount, handy!

Whiffles   May 04, 2016 

Great info! You're starting to tempt me with this one. How are your flight times?

volitant   May 04, 2016 

haha they're not great, I wont lie, but I fly pretty aggressive and get around 4 minutes from the 4s battery, I dont mind carrying and swapping out lipo's though, its worth it :)

flyhigh916   May 04, 2016  

Looks awesome. I'd love a little frame like this myself. Definitely tempting with that kind of price!

Whiffles   May 04, 2016 

Love the price as well. I wonder how well these parts perform.

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