Featherlight 5" 5mm

By lazd on Aug 24, 2017

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Preorders are now open for Featherlight at PitchRollYaw! Buy the bundle and get the frame AT COST, or get the frame by itself at full price. All kits ship with 5 arms, and note that the final version has pressnuts instead of locknuts for easier arm changes!

A 5" that weighs 188g dry with 5mm arms, a full-sized FC, and a CCD camera. Yes, that includes props, prop nuts, and a battery strap.

One of the lightest 5" builds ever, this machine can race all day and still carry a GoPro. Despite being designed to have thin and aerodynamic arms, it doesn't skimp on durability, with 5mm thick arms that won't break like the 3mm and 4mm arms other frame designers are putting on their ultra-lights (and somehow still ending up heavier).

This is an ultra-light build and requires specific components. Don't try to put a 2 layer PDB + FC 30.5mm stack, a massive VTX, huge arm ESCs, or a SMA antenna -- that's simply missing the point. If you want the lightest frame at the race, you're going to have to choose your components accordingly, not just throw in whatever you have lying in your parts bin.

  1. The RunCam Micro Swift, RunCam Swift Mini, RunCam Split, Foxeer Micro Arrow, or Foxeer Mini Arrow.
  2. A 1-layer 30.5mm AIO FC or 30.5mm PDB FC with small ESCs on the arms, or 2-layer FC + 4in1 20mm stack, or 1-layer 30.5mm board + 1 layer 20mm board.
  3. The lightest motors possible. This is to avoid a heavy build that has more mass for frame breakage.
  4. A small VTX. The Unify is far too big for this frame and will result in a build that has components spilling out of it.
  5. A U.FL dipole or tiny cloverleaf.
  6. A small RX. Don't try to shove an XSR or a X4R into this build. R-XSR, XM, and XM+ should be the only thing you consider.

Choose wisely and find out what its like to fly a build that weighs all up what most builds weigh dry.



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Indy   Jun 16, 2018  

impressive! like 40 grams lighter than my Floss :D

pjquad   May 06, 2018  

Just bought the 4 inch version. Your build looks great! Just curious, why did you go with dual blades ?

Itwillallpasssoon   Jan 19, 2018  

This is amazing, about to buy myself one. Do you ship to Australia? Also, would a Foxeer Predator Mini work fit on this frame? Thanks!

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Itwillallpasssoon   Jan 21, 2018 

Awesome, just ordered my frame. Is it possible to fit two 36x36 PCBs inside this frame? Thanks :)

Itwillallpasssoon   Jan 21, 2018 

Also, does the frame kit come with the standoffs to hold the fpv camera? Or do I have to source them myself? Cheers.

lazd   Feb 28, 2018 

Looks like I missed this question, but clearly you found the answer already -- yes, it comes with all the hardware you need to mount the FPV camera. Cheers!

Kbobiles   Jan 16, 2018  

I just bought this frame, and saw one that had white 3D printed FPV micro camera mounts, any chance you have the STL files? Or a link to where I can buy them? I know the frame comes with a carbon fiber FPV mount, but I really like the look.

For references, it was from this user’s post:



lazd   Jan 16, 2018 

Yeah! Here ya go: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2759032

I printed them in nylon, I would not recommend TPU as it's too flexy, or PLA as it's too breaky. Cheers!

Kbobiles   Jan 16, 2018 

Awesome! Thanks a bunch, can't wait to get this baby built.

Carbon_Rob   Aug 24, 2017  

Wow nice work! Is that a prototype frame?

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Roto_RunnerFPV   Aug 24, 2017 

hurry up, it looks amazing!

Carbon_Rob   Aug 24, 2017 

I agree, looks pretty awesome.

lazd   Oct 27, 2017 
FannyPack_FPV   Aug 25, 2017  

this frame looks sick! When will it be available? I've been wanting to make an ultralight but not a floss lol

lazd   Aug 25, 2017 

Early September! I'll have the last revisions in my hands next week and, if it looks (and crashes) right, we'll call it a wrap and order the first batch. DM me your e-mail address and I'll make sure you're among the first to know.

lazd   Oct 27, 2017 

Featherlight is shipping now at https://www.pitchrollyaw.net/featherlight5 !

Quadxl   Sep 06, 2017  

When is this frame be available?

MattS   Sep 03, 2017  

Beautiful job! 'nough said.

Rhart   Aug 25, 2017  

Also how much will the frame cost please, just about to purchase a kraken worx,,,never a floss!

lazd   Aug 25, 2017 

I'm going to price it fairly. This is a hobby for me, and I never make much money off my designs, instead the kick I get out of seeing people fly them makes it all worth it. That said, what do you feel is a fair price for a frame like this? Note that it will ship with 5x arms and spares of all hardware.

Rhart   Aug 25, 2017 

I have no idea the cost for your time, materials, r&d, my guess would be somewhere just above the floss/kraken worx or more bc it's more of a custom build. How much does the frame weigh complete with hardware? And what kind of hardware does it have? Steel/aluminum/titanium/ nylon?

Charles Hidalgo   Aug 24, 2017  


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