Bullshark {mactheKnife} (56mm)

By solaireFPV on Aug 29, 2017

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Love these small quads. Especially this lil bitch. 82 grams, a right screamer and the ccd camera helps SOOOOO much. Oh, and OSD and a solid design help too...maybe.

Biggest annoyance was the usb deciding to not work after a few plug ins? The data lines seem to work okay but I can only access it when I'm plugged in on battery. I think something in the FC went poof.

Probably my favorite part is the camera and vtx combo. For so long these dinky little CMOS camera/vtx combos had dominated the market. Now, finally, with the coming of the Runcam Micro Swift and the TX25 vtx (also from runcam :D), the whole kit and caboodle is right there in the front and it makes it SO easy. One downside is that the channel and band button is a little inconveniently placed on the board (wish it were side-mounted). All the same tho, the camera and vtx combo is a solid choice for any builder.



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UnderDawg   Sep 02, 2017  

Nice build! I'm gonna have to look into the TX25... you could really clean up a build with it.

solaireFPV   Sep 02, 2017 

It really does get things OUT of the way when you are trying to cram as much as you can into the little room this frame provides. That was part of the fun of building this one, getting it all in there correctly.

moteasa   Aug 30, 2017  

so the FC/ESC combo you would recommend against since USB issue or think isolated? Haven't heard much on that one.
How do those motors do on 2s 2" and flight time on 450mah at race pace?

solaireFPV   Aug 30, 2017 

I think this was an isolated issue. I have not heard of these failures either so until it completely borks I will leave it alone. These motors are more than capable for the 2" props, but I have not pressed it on race pace just yet

QuadifyRC.com   Aug 30, 2017  

Cool frame, how much does it weigh and where can I get me one?

solaireFPV   Aug 30, 2017 

82 grams with battery (so not much at all).

If you're on the fpvchat slack, talk to @lazd. This is his brain child.

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