The Bi-Floss - Doesn't get much lighter!

By CTurn on Jul 04, 2017

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This is my second 4" 1407 Floss build, this one was build with the 3600kv motors for running 4045 bi-blades, where the first was built for tri-blades with 3200kv motors ( After seeing how low the amp draw is running 4045 bi-blades on the BH1407-3600 motors I realized I could easily get away with a 12a 20x20 4in1. With a 20x20 stack I figured I could really get the weight down on this one! The VTX antenna is surprisingly pretty well protected, but I will be swapping it out for a u.FL AXii shortly. The Tri-blade and Bi-blade builds handle dramatically different. The Tri-blade Floss is probably the sharpest handling quad I've ever flown, it is totally point and shoot. There is zero slide, or drift when doing tight turns and stops, almost to a detriment! Or it could be I'm just not a good enough pilot to take advantage of that (more likely scenario :D ). The Bi-Blade Floss on the other hand still retains the sharp flight characteristics, but is a bit "softer" I guess is the best description. This one does have just a bit of slide when pulling hard turns and stops, and flies a little more like what I'm used to. There is very little top speed difference between the two, if I had to guess I would say the tri-blade version is just a hair faster (I would have expected this one to be, but "seat of the pants" says the tri-floss has a higher top speed).

Update: swapped out the steel for Ti hardware and was able to get it under 150g!!



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Quadlite   Jun 18, 2018  

Gotta love that titanium hardware! thats a pretty sweet build! Not a bad weight at all considering your frame weight. I put titanium hardware on my 4 inch also. Ive got a 4 inch quattuor sitting at 130gram dry weight. My frame is only 23grams though, and probably not as durable, thats why its lighter . Ive got 28amp esc and an xt60 and 12gauge wire too. Im probably going to switch it out though. I just hadnt switched the connectors on my batteries yet so i put a xt60 on for now.

jwangdk   Aug 21, 2017  

How's the 12a ESC holding up? Still flying? Have you tried other props on it?

CTurn   Aug 21, 2017 

Haha yeah, well, wcorked great for a couple dozen flights.. Than I got it stuck in a tree and burned up a channel on the 4in1 getting it out lol

jwangdk   Aug 21, 2017 

Ok. Could have happened on any ESC. Would you recommend running 12As 4in1s on those 1407/4045x2 ?

Really can't find any really good standalone 20x20mm 4in1 ESC for 1407 :(

CTurn   Aug 23, 2017 

probably not, a 12a is just too small. 12a is enough for flight, but just doesn't leave any margin for extreme conditions, IE crashing, getting stuck in a tree and arming/throttling up to free the quad with a motor stuck. If you never crash 12a should do it :) Take a look at the 25a 20x20 4in1 at RTFQ, I've also seen a 25a 20x20 4in1 on bangood, beleive there is a 20a 20x20 4in1 out there too. I would go with a 15a 4in1 at the very least.

Burning North   Jul 07, 2017  

Wow! I'm amazed that 12A can handle that motor/prop combo. I've got a 4" frame on my desk that's been waiting for inspiration to strike, and this has certainly gotten me thinking. :)

With a dry weight like that, you could throw a Tattu 650mAh 4S on there and get your AUW well under 250g. Impressive!

CesiumSalami   Jul 12, 2017 

I thought the same thing when I built for this platform.. "on the bench" those motors pull a lot of amps so I went with 20A esc's. I have a build using similar components that's way heavier ... even on dal4045 tris, dry weight of like 180, a gopro session, decent 850 4s, it's hard to pull over ~45A. Even that is a momentary spike ... but even if you drop the gopro and use a nice 1300mah battery, I mean, i don't race, but I've never see over 50A really. I think those 20x20 12A racerstar esc's might even work. Certainly the newer line of beefier 20x20 18A esc's from AirBot.

ripsoarfpv   Jul 07, 2017  

Where did you source your Ti hardware?

That's an incredible build.

Bushwacka FPV   Jul 04, 2017  

what batteries are you running on it?

CTurn   Jul 04, 2017 

4s 850's, currently running an e-flite I got cause it was lite (works great, no issues) but probably get some tatuu 850's.

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