Airblade Eclair V2

By Chaos on Jun 28, 2017

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Really excited about this new build. The Airblade Eclair V2 offers full protection for all the components. This can be built with 2" or 2.5" props. This one is running 1105b 6500kv motors on 3s with 2.5" props and of course the Micro Swift. Weight including 450 3s Lipo is 123g, it's a little rocket!!



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Thanks for sharing the build. I also want to build a similar one.
One question: is the PDB included with the frame ? I mean, the board where the battery connector goes.
I've checked a lot of builds and none mentions any PDB. Is it included in the revobee FC ?

Chaos   Feb 20, 2018 

hey, sorry for the slow reply. No the pdb does not come with the frame. most are using a 4in1 esc which does not require a pdb.

deks   Aug 20, 2017  

Very nice :-).

Just curious - where did you run your receiver antennas?

Also, did you just use VHB to attach the Rx and VTx on top of the FC?

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deks   Aug 20, 2017 

Thanks, looks really nice. I'm planning a similar build, so really helpful to see others' setups. (OCD note: if you list the backpack in your parts list, it'll be easier for others to find build examples :-) )

I was worried about the VTX03 getting too hot since the backpack seems to cut off airflow. Have you noticed any issues with it?

Also, did you add softmount grommets to your FC (those red things)? Do you have a link to that?

And are you using both a velcro strap and rubber band for your battery there? Was the velcro not enough on its own?


Chaos   Aug 20, 2017 

Yeah, sorry man still need to update the parts list. Ill do that in a min here. This build is currently running the iflight f4fc with 18a esc stack. And i added some extra rubber gromets i already had to the fc.

No issues with vtx overheating and i fly in a hot climate everyday with at least 6 packs back to back usually.

Only added the rubber band to help keep balance lead and xt30 in place.

deks   Aug 20, 2017 

Thanks a lot! Rubber band to tidy up the battery cables is a good tip - I'll keep that in mind.

metropolis   Jun 30, 2017  

I'm WAY into this design. :)

QuadBaumer   Jun 29, 2017  

Looks good! If you have access to a 3D printer, then I'd suggest something like this... If you don't, then I have a couple extra printed, and could send to you.

Chaos   Jun 29, 2017 

Thanks man. I think the file you posyed is for 30mm boards. I need to f8nd a similar print for 20mm

QuadBaumer   Jun 29, 2017 

Oh.. duh... I knew that.

There's this



And this since you have the runcam micro.

Frostman   Jun 28, 2017  

I'd love to see more pictures. I had been looking for a 2" frame that could take the micro swift and pre ordered it the other day.

Chaos   Jun 28, 2017 

Posting more now! :)

Frostman   Jun 28, 2017 

Looks great! Can't wait to get mine.

Roto_RunnerFPV   Jun 28, 2017  

I like it! How does it fly? any footage?

Chaos   Jun 28, 2017 

It flies great! I hope to post some DVR footage later today. Check out my Instagram - Stew_Alcock

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