ELF X2 88mm 2s FPV (1104 7000kv)

By 1921 on Dec 19, 2017

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Fun little park flier. If I had to rebuild, I'd probably choose motors that can run 3s; while this can run 3s, it gets real hot unless quite well-tuned (but it is really fast for the minute or so I'm brave enough to fly it on 3s 450mah). Also would probably choose a smaller VTX, upgrade the camera to the Runcam nano, and maybe run a smaller FC with an integrated RX.

55.2g dry, 77.8g all-up with 400mah 2s Tattu packs.



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sim_tcr   Sep 20, 2018  

I am trying to buiild my quad with X2 ELF 88mm frame, DYS BE1104 7000kv motors, gemfan 2035 4 blade props.
My AUW is 110g (i am using a 800mah 2s lipo). On light throttle quad shiver and cannot control. Though I did not really fly it, the motors become pretty hot (cannot hold fingures fore more than 1sec)
I removed all props and tried running the motors, two motors vibrate too much.
Any thoughts?

Hypurr   Dec 21, 2017  

Try using different props with the 3S. Those 5 blade props put a real strain on the motors and you'll probably see a performance increase with less heat using 3 blade or even 2 blade props and 3S will be no problem.

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Hypurr   Dec 21, 2017 

Cool, let us know whether they helped or not. I was running the Gemfan 2035 4 blade and getting good performance then tried the Gemfan 2540 3 blade and they blew me away. Lasting 3-5 minutes depending on how I push it on 450mah 3S.

1921   Dec 24, 2017 

The tri blades really do the trick on this one for 3s; motors don't even get remotely hot and the thing goes real quick. My quad blades were fine too, but the tris definitely stood out.

Hypurr   Dec 26, 2017 

Cool. Glad that it helped. Happy flying.

QuadifyRC.com   Jul 26, 2017  

If it's any help and you are still building I have something very similar to you as an elf and EYAS build.

1921   Dec 19, 2017 

Hey, I didn't see this til now. It did end up looking quite similar (and I actually came across your build when I was putting this together).

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