Floss hype train - Hyperfloss

By xxbuildnz on Jul 13, 2017

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Adding to the hype - got the Floss with the DYS 20A 4in1,+Micro Swift and will throw in parts I already have. Toot Toot...


  • Interesting frame to build around and a little frustrating due to the way the rear arms are mounted as part of the FC Stack! had to match as close as I could the front mounts to line up correctly.
  • Stack is: 12mm plastic m3 bolt up thru plate+plastic nut+ 4in1+bobbin+FC+plastic bolt+printed PLA 20x20 shelf+TBS CRSF Micro v2 Tx+VTX strapped to top plate!
  • Running a 'clear air' motor mix as the fpv cam is 10mm UNDER the props!
  • Canopy added from: http://www.pb3dcreations.com/shop.html#!/Hyperfloss-Canopy-NOW-AVAILABLE/p/86970823/category=18786135

UPDATE: Dec. '17

  • ACTUNA VEERACE Vtx antenna dropped as it's not race spec. eg. Circular Polarized
  • Tramp and then later TBS dropped in favour of Matek VTx which is far superior in terms of maintenance (no plug!) and very clear picture (no lines!)
  • Spedix 4in1 has to go! found them to be unreliable (one already died, the other motor 3 has died!) - back to single ESCs

UPDATE: Nov. '17

  • RCX 2205 2400kv
  • Subbed in the new DAL5051C props!
  • New ACTUNA VEERACE Vtx antenna
  • Built a backup Floss with the exact setup!

UPDATE: Oct. '17

  • Subbed in the new 20x20mm Spedix 20a 4in1
  • TBS Crossfire MicroRx
  • Swapped out the CL4 and went back to the 20x20mm F3 so that the stack is full 20x20!

UPDATE: Sep. '17

  • DYS 4in1 died
  • FuriousFPV stubbie got munched by the props
  • Swapped out the F3 for an F4
  • Swapped out the TBS Race for the Tramp



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Scotty_FPV   Nov 03, 2017  

Nice build. How is the Spedix 20a 4-1 esc holding up with the T2 motors? I’m thinking of using one on some Deadpool 2450kv motors but I’m afraid it’s going to smoke. What do you think?

xxbuildnz   Nov 03, 2017 

No issues however I've not raced with the 4in1 yet. Not sure about the dead pool motors without knowing what auw you're going with. On a floss I would have no hesitation rocking them with the 4in1+deadpools. To be sure though, I'd compare thrust charts between these two motors and make a call from there.

TheLeprechaunPirate   Jul 16, 2017  

I really love and want that canopy. Have there been any issues with it?

xxbuildnz   Jul 16, 2017 

Yeah it's a keeper. Full day of racing yesterday and no issues after many crashes - of course it's made of nylon so it's virtually indestructible.

TheLeprechaunPirate   Jul 16, 2017 

Awesome. Did it take long to receive the canopy? I ordered one as soon I discovered its existence from your build page.

xxbuildnz   Jul 16, 2017 

Not long at all really - 13days from ordering to my doorstep in Wellington, NZ! You will love it :)

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