By wr0ngway on Jun 14, 2017

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Had spare 1104 motors and esc, so building a frame around them. Nick Burns said I needed to build one of these, so I am :) I would probably have used the Omnibus Nano F3 as I had good luck in the past, but out of stock, so trying the Omnibus Nano F4 instead. The RotorX props will fit as-is, but will also try cutting down the DYS ones to 2.5" as good things were said about them with the cs110 in the tomoquads facebook group.

Things to watch out for:

  • I had to (de/re)solder the buzzer at the end so that I could pass its wires through the buzzer holder
  • Don't fly 3S in a small backyard without expecting to get sliced :)
  • I should have reduced the standoffs below the ESC so that the top plate would be flush with the camera holder, didn't feel like dis-assembling at that point, but will next time I tear it down
  • The insulation on the motor wires don't separate cleanly, and expose the wires if you just pull them apart. Instead use an exacto knife to score/cut between the wires to give them separation.
  • Might be better to run motor wires around to the opposite side of the ESC to avoid shortening the wires.
  • The usb connection on my omnibus is flaky, and locks up or disconnects after a minute of being connected to PC (this made initial config a challenge!). Not sure if I caused it with bad soldering skills, or if its a board defect, but something to watch out for. Everything works fine whilst flying, so its not an issue with the entire board. If I apply slight upward pressure on the usb connector, it maintains the connection, so probably a board defect.

Other notes:

  • The capacitor I used is a little too large, but its what I had on hand. Might try a 470uf or none at all if I disassemble. Prop tends to strike it if they bend or capacitor lifts a little due to a crash. I ended up taping it down to help with this.
  • Rubber bands seem to work well for securing the battery, I also have some adhesive gel pad on the bottom of the frame to help prevent battery ejections.
  • Flight time of more than 5 minutes with 650mah 2S Tattu 75C
  • Figured out a neat way to attach rubber bands without attaching to standoff or having to go beneath 4in1 ESC - can add and remove the bands on fully assembled quad.

The maiden flight:

Detaching/Attaching rubber bands:

8/18/2017 RIP Wr0ngSticks



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CrashDaddy   Jul 03, 2017  

I have just finished a CS110 build also and I used the same FC. I have also experienced the problem with the usb connector just as you described it. Looks like there is an issue with the connector that is being used. I did notice that the connector looked like the board side of the opening was slightly bend down and I gently squeezed it back into shape and it seems to have helped the issue.

wr0ngway   Jul 03, 2017 

Cool, glad to hear it wasn't my fault :) The quad also starting acting strangely (motor spinning up intermittently, sometimes just completely unresponsive, other times working perfectly), so I'm thinking the defect might be contagious, or exacerbated by all the crashing! I'm going to swap out the board for a omnibus f3 nano that I've used before, will report back here

Whiffles   Jun 13, 2017  

Looks like you've still got this marked as In-Progress. You might want to bump it to the front page if it's complete.

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