Larfleeze Japalura 4"

By RangutangFPV on May 07, 2017

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This is my first build from scratch, I'm still missing a Vtx, an Antenna and batteries. Any suggestions?



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marsfpv   May 17, 2017  

How do you like the Kiss all in one? Im putting one in my Japalura build

RangutangFPV   May 17, 2017 

I have only flown a few packs so far because I've been busy with exams but it feels very crisp. The build process was relatively easy and it makes for a very nice and clean build. Good luck with your build

marsfpv   May 17, 2017 

How was it soldering the motors? The tabs look really small!

RangutangFPV   May 18, 2017 

Yeah they are small but I'm still a beginner at soldering and I managed to do it so it should not be a problem.

Whiffles   May 08, 2017  

Where did you get that battery pad? I didn't get one with my frame kit.

RangutangFPV   May 09, 2017 

That's strange, I got it with my frame kit along with a lollipop. I guess Chris just likes me more

Whiffles   May 09, 2017 

It seems to be a new addition for the 4" version. Apparently it doesn't come with the 3" :( I got the 4" baseplate separately.

volitant   May 08, 2017  

how much does that frame weigh? it might be pushing the motors a bit too much if you run 4s with those props

RangutangFPV   May 09, 2017 

I'm going to switch to 2 bladed dalprops as suggested by Whiffles but it probably would not matter much because I'm planing to mainly use 3S batteries anyway. The weight of the frame alone is approximately 56g.

volitant   May 09, 2017 

ah thats ok, those 3 blade props would probably be fine on 3s and still great performance

Whiffles   May 07, 2017  

Have you flown with those props? I'm curious if the KISS CC can handle the amp draw.

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RangutangFPV   May 08, 2017 

Thanks for the suggestion, I will order a few and try them out

RangutangFPV   May 08, 2017 

What kind of batteries are you going to use for your build?

Whiffles   May 08, 2017 

I have a bunch of 3S 850mah Tattus, but I'm considering buying some 4S packs to try as well.

QuadX   May 07, 2017  

for your batteries - Turnigy Graphenes are awesome.

RangutangFPV   May 08, 2017 

Yeah I've heard alot of good about them, but I don't know if I want to go with 1000mah 3S or 850mah 4S

QuadX   May 08, 2017 

I've only had experience with the bigger 4s packs, but if their smaller packs are anything like their 1300mah's, you will have no complaints whatsoever!
Go 4s!! Go all out...more power the better, right?

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