Cheerson "Phoenix" F330

By fradioflyer on Jul 22, 2015

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Rising from the proverbial ashes of a crashed CX-20, I transferred the internal components over to a DJI F330 frame kit. Before the crash, I had replaced the FC with a full APM kit much like the one linked here. If you want to replicate this build, there's no reason to buy and crash the CX-20 first... just buy some motors and 18-amp ESCs. ;-)


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fradioflyer   Feb 21, 2016  

I took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather this weekend and rediscovered how much fun it is to fly this little quad. I possibly could have flown more, but something peculiar is going on with the battery charger. So, with a 4s 10ah battery, I can set the charger to 10amps and an empty battery charges full in under an hour. For these smaller batteries, I dial it down to 2.7amps and they charge really slow...more than 2 hours!

I'd take a spent battery at, say, 10.8v, plug it in for a balance charge and the voltage would jump to 12.8

I can't explain why.

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Whiffles   Feb 22, 2016 

How would the wire gauge affect the charge time though?

fradioflyer   Feb 22, 2016 

Long charge time is a factor of the low amps it was pushing. It was charging at ~ 0.3 amps... like 1/10th C?

Anyway, even while there could have been any number of reasons in play, the new 14-gauge charge lead is charging a depleted battery at 2.7A, like I expected all along.

Whiffles   Feb 22, 2016 

There you go, should be getting 45 min charge times now?

fradioflyer   Feb 11, 2016  

I cleaned up the wiring of my FPV monitor, eliminating the clunky power plugs and RCA Connections. Once I removed the back cover of the monitor it was pretty simple... Red to red, yellow to yellow, etc.

I probably could do the same with the vrx and eliminate those plugs, too...

Whiffles   Feb 11, 2016 

Nice! I should do the same to mine. I've got a ball of wires zip-tied to the back of my transmitter. It's an ugly mess.

UltiFix   Nov 06, 2015  

That is TRULY a cram! Good job!!!
Were did you get that battery strap?
How did you mount the FPV cam?

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Whiffles   Nov 06, 2015 

Maybe the "Discussions" link is confusing. It seems some might think it lists discussions directed to them.

Viker   Nov 07, 2015 

Exactly this. I am still new here. I did delete the comment when I relised the mistake.

Whiffles   Nov 07, 2015 

Hmm, it didn't get deleted. That could be a bug. I'll look into it.

Whiffles   Aug 12, 2015  

Hey I've got that Gforce as well. How does the Blackmagic compare? I'm not all that happy with the Gforce as it seems to have lost some of its capacity over time.

fradioflyer   Aug 12, 2015 

I like the BlackMagic. Depending on how aggressive I'm flying, I can get up to 1:30 more time from it compared to the GForce. These batteries spend a lot of time at just a storage charge since I'm only flying this model once or twice a month, since early May, so I can't guage whether they've lost capacity.

Whiffles   Aug 12, 2015 

I've heard good things about the BlackMagic, but I think I need to opt for something with a higher capacity. I'm came across a Turnigy 5000mah with a 20C discharge. The weight is a bit high, but I'm very hesitant to go with the 10C Multistars.

fradioflyer   Aug 12, 2015  

I don't know why that LCD monitor link resolves to $75.91. It's only $24.98.

Whiffles   Aug 12, 2015 

Fixed it! Amazon is just inconsistent with how they label their prices.

fradioflyer   Aug 12, 2015 

Just came in here to see the updated price and I notice the item is not on my list any longer... the CX-20 is not there, the LCD monitor is gone, too. ??

Edit: I re-added the missing parts. But I'll say I also "lost" an Amazon part on my other build (I fixed that, too) but I wondered if there was some consequence to you fixing the Amazon prices.

Whiffles   Aug 12, 2015 

I think the servers may have been giving me bad responses and I was accidentally clearing out the data with the bad data. I added a little fix to ignore the results if they're bogus. Hopefully that does it!

Whiffles   Jul 23, 2015  

Have you shot any video with this? This would probably be a fun little FPV rig.

fradioflyer   Jul 23, 2015 

Not yet.... but one of those DVR devices is on my wishlist.

Whiffles   Jul 23, 2015 

How about an Android phone with Easycap? The picture quality is very decent and there's plenty of apps that act as DVRs.

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